It’s hard to find the words to do justice to a record known to generations new and old, that has provided the soundtrack for many an intimate rendezvous; perhaps responsible for even more babies than Barry White! For the first time in a decade Motown will be remixing and retweaking classics from the Motor City vaults, and this, the first fruits, is already hitting US radio. A record unparalleled in its sheer sensuality and carnal energy, it remains the blueprint upon which all slow jams have since been measured; the task of updating this archetypical number is immense – to put it mildly. Kudos therefore to British-born garage producer, Paul Simpson, for a highly respectful and subtle re-production that skilfully updates without trashing the memory of the original. Set to a shuffling groove, akin to Keni Burke’s ‘Risin’ To The Top’, and with previously unused ad-libs that failed to feature in the 1973 original, this is a pure delight from start to finish and a timeless tribute to a record that defines the word ‘classic’. We’re not worthy.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Lewis Dene