Rare Pleasure ‘Superfine Feeling’ – (A’s+BEES)

A’s + Bees is a new vinyl only label that has the great aim to bring back long forgotten rare gems with new re-masters and edits. As vinyl sales slowly keep rising this concept totally makes sense from my point of few. Additionally half of the benefits of each release go to the British Beekeepers Association, which can’t be pointed out enough as a very good move. Nevertheless, first up, Rare Pleasure’s ‘Superfine Feeling’ gets the very well deserved re-release on wax. The track was only ever pressed as an almost unattainable acetate that’s rarely traded hands and when it does we’re talking £400 upwards. It’s a 1977, modern-soul-tinged disco classic from the New York outfit with soaring vocal harmonies, jamming guitars and big band sections. Shining light on this release however is the re-edit of the master himself, Mr.Ashley Beedle offering up a signature ‘NSW Rejig’. Without changing too much, he extends the magic sections of the track, re-tweaks them here and there and creates a sublime update of a ultra rare funky gem that we all should own a copy of. Saving bees is a very nice side effect of it, so there’s really no reason for not getting behind this awesome piece of music.

4.5 out of 5
Reviewed by MANNIX