RSL ‘Every Preston Guild’ (RSL)

RSL’s ‘The Mast’ is one of those tracks which has been sitting in my record box for quite some years as the back then so called Joey Negro aka Dave Lee  has remixed and included it in the now iconic ‘Joey Negro In The House’ compilation on Defected Records in 2005. To be honest I wasn’t aware of the fact that there had been an album of the band existing but thankfully I am now and as RSL from Manchester, consisting of bassist Joe Botham, keys player Martin Almond and drummer

Chas Morrison reform and release their award-winning vinyl album

‘Every Preston Guild’ digitally for the first time!

Both Joe and Martin studied music and orchestration at Salford University while Chas’ musical career started early, signing to Tony Wilson’s Factory Records. The music they created was something you would more likely expect to hear coming out of Southern Spain or Spanish Harlem, combining jazz sensibilities with uplifting driving beats, heavy percussion, soaring vocals, dark brass, and touches of deep flamenco brought together with classic vintage production.

The album is simply massive and stands the test of time without any doubt. Beside the shining highlight which is of course ‘The Mast’ funkers like ‘Wesley Music’ or ‘Inside Looking Out’ make the difference. Sometimes it’s really nice having a classic record available digitally for the first time and this is exactly the case here. A must have record for everyone who’s into Soul, Funk or Disco.

4.5 out of 5  


Reviewed by MANNIX