Session Victim ‘The Intangibles’ (DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR)

Session Victim - Dromedary Twist


Session Victim, hailing from Germany, are sure shots for myself. Whenever they release a bit, my alarms keep ringing. For me they are special because all their releases have some real dope deep funk in them and can be contemplated with acts like Crackazat, Cody Currie or Fouk.

Their newest release comes on the always reliable Delusions Of Grandeur imprint and of course it’s another banger.

‘Motivation’ features spoken words from Ras Stimulant backed by urgent looping, rhodes stabs and an up-tempo disco groove. An instant Session Victim dance-floor shaker if ever there was one, the energy cranked up to the maximum without losing sight of that all-important groove.  Next up we have ‘Dromedary Twist’ which keeps up the pace but goes deeper on the jazzy organ chords and lays down a heavy syncopated bassline which ensures the funk factor remains present and correct.

Rounding out the EP in fine style, ‘Green Run’ which is my personal pick, drops the BPM’s as we head into lazy, hazy, blissed-out jazzed-up beats territory which is never a fault.

All in all this is another proof of the wickedness of Session Victim-as if we had not already been aware of that.



4.5 out of 5