Los Angeles based Maurice Smith teams up with Frank Situation for the latest release on Franks own Situationism label. Fun fact says we will have to wait for the Original longer as the remix pack gets released first. So it’s up to Bristol titan Sean McCabe providing the reworks and from an objective angle you have to state that these mixes are off the hook. Especially his ‘Sean McCabe Need-A-Dub’ version is something we have been missing for quite some time: True old school House music with soul and power. This is also the version which probably will fit the dancefloors most, thanx to an amazing bubbling bass, great synth, piano and only little use of the vocal. On his main remix McCabe goes for a slightly different drum approach, putting the arrangement together in a more soulful way. Added are instrumentals of both mixes for the headz! Amazing!


4.5 out of 5  

Reviewed by MANNIX