James Talk & Ridney
West End Girls 2009
Extra Dry

It’s rare to see the Pet Shop Boys material covered – for one thing their style is so quintessentially PSB that rarely can others bring something new to the table. Likewise with a legion of fans, spanning into three decades, you’re pretty much on a hiding to nothing for your troubles. So fair play to James Talk & Ridney for reworking Chris and Neil’s debut single from 1984. (Oh and before the train spotters start waving their biros in the air I think we can discount East 17’s rendition because, well, because it’s E17!). For their update, that’s already been crowned Essential New Tune, they opt for not only an instrumental electronica version but also one almost devoid of the hook itself. Subtle in the extreme and in parts sounding more like ‘French Kiss’ then the aforementioned UK #1.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Lewis Dene