Stylus Rex - Amplify

Stylus Rex – ‘Amplify LP’ – (Ground Level)

Stylus Rex - AmplifyThe debut long player from long time resident of the breaks scene, Stylus Rex, ‘Amplify’ is a thought provoking, well considered, with the utmost attention to detail, aural exploration. Tech funk, heavy bass and driving beats for the dance floor vie with deeper and more left of centre quirky electronica. ‘Blatant Elephant’s melodic elephantine bass is pure genius that meanders and kind of slithers along with a rasping b line that erupts into the wah wah of a trumpeting elephant. Genius! The video made by Stylus also is a gem. ‘Rhythm Roller’ is another warm tech funk electroid breaks gem, fizzing synths and Orbital-esque stabs create an uber fuzzy aura of rave after glow. There’s enough funk to keep you glued to the dance floor and heady 5 am thump, plus sparklier shoe gazing moments too. ‘Halo Ember’ with Chris K is the kind of exhilarating and expansive track you yearn to hear on a long dark drive back from a festival.

4.5 out of 5

Reviewed By SOTO






Blatant Elephant –













Twisted Spiral 














Rocks On Hope