The Naked Bongo Band ‘Faster Than A Bullet’ Album The Freebooter Lounge

Talented UK producers Simon Sheldon and Quentin Kane dive into the wonderful world of Funk, Nu-jazz and Breakbeat, as they reveal their new joint venture, The Naked Bongo Band, with a hip swaying, finger snapping inducing album titled, ‘Faster Than A Bullet’. Simon and Quentin showcase their suave versatility and top level musicianship with a blazing cinematic soundtrack that creatively fuses retro and contemporary. Loaded with funky jazzy vibes throughout, you’ll find energetic, funk fuelled instrumentals seemingly plucked from a 70’s cop show car chase, to elegant downtempo grooves, perfectly crafted for those sunset o’clock moments. Closing out the album with some sublime beat action, Kaidi Tatham (Bugz in The Attic) lends his signature Bruk vibes, offering a sensational remix of ‘The Bust Up’. 

Reviewed by Ratha Gud