Turbojazz Like You feat Rona Ray Sean McCabe Remix


Milano resident Tommaso Garofalo aka Turbojazz has been on a roll for me for quite some time, thanx to excellent offerings on imprints on Reel People Music, Foliage or Good Vibrations Music to name but a few. Quite some time he got out of the shades with UK’s finest Sean McCabe with whom he seems to enjoy working together a lot. And this is exactly what you can hear on the teams’ latest productions, including this one, the blinding ‘Like You’ by Turbojazz featuring great vox from miss Rona Ray, who never seems to sleep. ‘Like You’ takes you on an emotional journey, where words and music pull together to deliver a message of love and life. The soulful original production is powered by solid beats and great synth work, which blends perfectly with Rona’s vocals. On the remix we find-you guessed it right-Sean McCabe, who delivers his uplifting club edition enriching the source material with clever piano chords, deeper than deep bass line, and a sensationally sweet melody. All in all this is an amazing song and another winner for the great Last Forever label.


4 .5 out of 5  

Reviewed by MANNIX