Michal Martyniuk

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Dam Swindle –  Me, Myself & You (Dirt Crew Recordings)
I love how this track builds and builds and builds, its relentless and super chuggy. The production is very punchy with a deep synth bass.
Detroit Swindle | Me, Myself & You | Dirt Crew Recordings

AlunaGeorge, Pomo – Supernatural (Pomo Remix) (Island Records)
This is  a very catchy track. Nice vocals and super catchy synth lines over the chorus. Banger!
AlunaGeorge - Supernatural (Pomo Remix)

Michal Martyniuk feat Vanessa Freeman – How Do We Make It? (Bigpop Records 2021)
One of my favourites! Ahem, of course I would say that!  This track feels like an anthem to me. There’s amazing production by Mike Patto and a strong lyrical message from Vanessa Freeman. Absolute banger! I’m looking forward to some slamming remixes of this one soon.

After ‘Ours – See The Light  (After ‘Ours)
One of my earlier projects with Nick Williams that I feel so fortunate to be part of. ‘See The Light’ is music filled with love and passion with production and musicianship at top level, featuring catchy bass lines and chord progressions.
Raphael Saadiq – So Ready (Columbia Records)
This is a masterpiece and I absolutely love the production. It’s ery spacious and modern and the lyrics are conscious and ‘on point’.
Sola Rosa – Back To You (Flytones remix) (Way Up Records)
Sola Rosa has ‘minor legend’ status in New Zealand – and is always good for super classy releases. This remix is soooo dope, it’s completely different from the original, with lots of heavy synths interwoven with snippets of Noah Slee’s slick vocals!
Crackazat – What You’re Feeling (Z Records)
This is a really awesome dance track. Warm, jazzy house with a modern spin.  I love the bass line and repetitive piano part with vocal samples.
Michal Martyniuk – New Things (Bigpop Records 2020)
Awesomnessss. Very catchy bass line with super soulful vocals from Poland’s YaniKa!! Catchy piano chords, outstanding production and really smart writing.
Kaytranada – At All (eONE Music)
One of his best! I like the samples and that syrupy sidechain effect makes this track pop. Party tune!  And the video is worth a looksee too.
Mark Ronson – I Can’t Lose –  (Pomo Remix) (Columbia)
Armed with a very cool beat and awesome vocals, this track feels like a summer party!
Michal Martyniuk Feat. Vanessa Freem ‘How Do We Make It?’ Is out now on Bigpop Records