Soulseekerz “Electric Shock 05” (Instinct)
Reproduced by our good friends ‘The Soulseekerz’ aka Julian Napolitano & Simon Langford. The original of this record was one of my favourites back in 93 on the Italian Disco Magic label, so I was very dubious to see how this would pan out. I am very happy to say that the guys have really done this major justice and the record is fast becoming one of the biggest floofillers out there at the moment and my favourite choon. Well done fellas!!!

Soulshaker “Hypnotic Erotic Games” (Gusto)
Originally on Audio-Freaks and licensed to Gusto. This has already established itself as an anthem in the Clubs. Lorraine Browns vocals are amazing and perfectly compliment an anthemic style funky house track. It has achieved No1 in All of the main Dance charts and looks set for major National success now!!!!! Oh I forgot to mention that I produced it with my brother ‘Warren Meyers’.

Dylan Rhymes “Salty” (Kingsize Records)
This track is cool. Featuring the superb vocals of Katherine Ellis who also sung “Fascinated” by Raven Maize. This is a nice deep chugging groove that really kicks arse!! Dylan Rhymes at His Best!!

The Funky Lowlives “Sail Into The Sun”(Outer Recordings)
Wicked Grooving twisted style House track which really does the job on the dancefloors. Also find this on the new Twisted Disco Comp by Hed Kandi. A real grower. Lovin it!!!

The Meyers Bros “Do A Little Dance” (Audio-Freaks)
The Meyers Bros (that’s me and my Bro Warren). Have teamed up here under another guise from Soulshaker, to show you our more soulful side of production and writing. We really like this alot and hope that you guys do too.

Soulseekers “Turn Me Upside Down” (AATW)
This record is LARGE!! It has been creating waves for a while now and had loads of labels trying to sign it. There is no doubt that this is going to be huge and my inside information tells me that a very big female artist could be doing a topline on it to cross it over to the Nationals. Watch this space!!!

Soul System “Feels So Good” (Sugarfree Music)
This is massive!! A great funky track combining with even greater uplifting vocals make this a genuine classic. Also features a nice rap vocal from the Jungle Brothers in the final Break.

Inaya Day “Hold Your Head Up High” (Peppermint Jam)
A classic Mousse T production gets the re-work here by the Soul Avengerz who are really kicking arse at the mo. Their vocal mix is a great re-work and works the floors into a real frenzy. Classic tune!!!

Brand New Heavies “Surrender” (One Two Records)
This is all about the Grant Nelson mix for me although the Soulseekerz mix is not far behind. An absolute Floofiller time after time. Mad quirky vocals and synth stabs compliment one of the best basslines of the last few years!!

Freemasons “Love On My Mind” (Loaded)
Really feeling this choooon as is everyone else looking at the DJs chart returns. I predict that we could be in for a National Hit with this. Nice!!!