Tom Real v The Rouge Element

1. Coburn ‘We Interrupt This Programme’ (Frontier)
(Tom) This one is a pure killer. Is it house? Is it breaks? Who cares.. It’s ace! Weird clicky house with a rolling bassline and a ‘Rocker’ style synth riff that blows dance floors apart!

2. Rico Tubbs ‘Flashlighter’ (Menu)
(Rogue) The man Tubbs converts a George Clinton classic into a crazed electro funk workout. Loving the unruly bass line style, this one does the damage, love the bass change midway.

3. Plump DJs ‘The Rub Off’ (Fingerlickin)
(Tom) The Plump’s new single.. It’s phat, need I say more? They certainly know how to drop the pressure every time and this twisted disco funk workout hits the spot every time.

4. Tom Real V The Rogue Element ‘Just Bash Out’ (Functional)
(Rogue) Our latest monster! Drop the acid and watch it burn. Support from Tayo, Hyper, Timo Maas and the rest, this one is definitely not one to chill out to! Big up the biff!

5. Kiro V Undecided ‘Obsession’ Rogue Element Mix (Mob)
(Tom) The first Mob release in ages, our Ben on the mix providing one of his hottest remixes to date proving just he’s one of the hottest talents out there. Supercharged bizniz!

6. Lee Coombs & Andy Gardener ‘Obsessional Rhythm’ Atomic Hooligan Mix
(Rogue) This one’s been out a while already but is still doing the business in the clubs! The Hooligans keep it simple but effective, everything is in just the right place on this one. A quality breaks/ house crossover.

7. Dreadzone ‘In The Party’ Tom Real V the Rogue Element Mix (Functional)
(Tom) We’ve just remixed this for the ‘Zone and we are mighty happy with it.
Acoustic guitars and tear out bass, add a touch of dub skankin’ bits, Watch out for their new artist album!

8. Trouble Soup ‘Enjoy the Sirens’ (Mantra)
(Rogue) The Italian fellows serve up a large portion of parping, squelching funk stew. Very much liking Mantra’s output at the moment.

9. LEO ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ (Gung Ho)
(Tom) This is the flip to LEO’s latest and is much more up my street. Cool electro led house with an underlying breaks and a tripped out synth-line that appeals to my psychedelic side! Good about 4am.

10. Prodigy ‘Spitfire’ FFs Mix (XL)
(Rogue) Mr. FFs needs no introduction and here he’s done a fantastic remix of the prodigy’s latest, Definitely feeling this track – one of the best remixes of the year so far!