Dorian Paic’s Top 5 Tracks 2019 :

Phone Traxx – Volume 2 – RingRing002 

Phone Traxx is a various artists project and I have to be honest that I missed out on the first one. Therefore I was even more happy when I discovered the Part 2 and it was a record that stayed in my bag for a long time and it is also the reason why I have chosen it for this selection. All tracks are good, but especially Frisky by Rob Amboule and Benson by Alec Falconer hit the nail right on the head for me and it was also a record that I heard in plenty other dj sets during the period when it first came out. In general I also really liked Alec’s record for Entity and also the new label 2X that he launched in 2019 and he was one of my faves to follow this year.

Desert Sound Colony – Zenome Archetype – Touch from a Distance :

I discovered Liam’s stuff in the end of last year, beginning of 2019 and I liked a lot what he was putting out on his own imprints „Holding Hands“ and “Holding Hands again“. Nice non-standard stuff, always on the edge of UK breaks & Garage with a twist of House and Techno and always with a very good sound. Right up my road and I have chosen this one, as he did not release anything on one of his own labels this year and this EP on Nick Höppner’s label is also very nice.

Arno – We perfectly understand each other until we start to talk – Brouquade :

Arno is a close friend and colleague since many years and we know each other still from working together at Freebase Records in Frankfurt, Main and he is for sure also one the most versatile producers that I know. His first long-player with the usually not so easy-going three vinyl format did convince me though in every aspect. Nice selection of different moods, all sounding very well and the Highlights for me were „Head Straight“, „Dipset“ and „Drum XTC“ for example. Super nice album and if you don’t know Arno yet, then its a good introduction to his world I would say.

Voodoos and Taboos – House of Voodoo – Voodoos and Taboos 001

The guys from the label sent me the digital promo quite some time ago earlier this year and ever since then I have been playing at least one or two of the tracks in almost every set. Especially Love Potion and House of Voodoo were the ones for me and I really enjoyed playing them out whenever the occasion was suitable. Definitely one of my favourite new releases from this year.

Fumiya Tanaka – Stinking Man EP – Sundance 011 

I received both new records on his own Sundance imprint from Fumiya during Sonar week this year and I fell in love with both of them immediately. Until today they did not leave my bag, which usually is a good sign. This one here is a bit more clubby and the tune that I really liked to play was „Stinking way“. Also, the other record on Sundance (We would like to do a song for the step ep) that he released in 2019 was far above average, not to mention the new album on Perlon that is about to be released very soon, so Fumiya was definitely one of fave picks for 2019.

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