Trainspotting with Oded Nir

1 Oded Nir Ft. Cece Noir – Amsterdam Nights – Suntree Records

It was a great ride making this track, it started as a completely different vibe with a lead piano, but I wasn’t happy with it, so I called a couple of sax players for a tryout and Cece and I clicked immediately, she understood what I was looking for and together we created this saxy house number. Hope you like the results!

2 Steve Taylor, Ozzy & Stix – How I Feel (Richard Earnshaw Remix) – Groove Culture

Love this groove, it just pushes you to the dance floor, Earnshaw did it again!

3 Bobby D’Ambrosio, Michelle Weeks – Moment Of My Life (Joey Negro Closer To The Source Mix)- Z Records

Fantastic vibes, Joey Negro is just an amazing producer! Add my friend Michelle Weeks blasting her great voice and you’ve got a fabulous track.

4 Spiritchaser – Dream We Have (REM Mix) – Guess Records

This is an ace track from the UK duo and fits my sets like a glove.

5 Oded Nir – Impossible Love (Original Mix) – Suntree Records

My impossible Love track came out on my first solo album (Midnight Snacker 2010) and didn’t make a lot of noise until last year when it was re-released as a remix package and got picked up by Apple Music’s summer playlist and people started to listen to it. I still really love to play this tune, so have a listen!

6 Change – Make Me (Go Crazy) [Opolopo Remix] – Nova 017 Ltd Records

Brilliant Disco vibes, I love that bass line!

7 Crazy P – SOS (Original Mix) – Walk Don’t Walk Limited Records

Crazy P were always one of my favourite music producers, I think SOS is a great tune from a great band.

8 Mousse T. feat. Sharon Phillips – Maybe in May (The Reflex Revision) – Peppermint Jam Records

Soulful party over here, Mousse T has made a really nice job, highly recommended!

9 Scott Diaz – We Reminisce (ATFC Remix) – Blockhead Recordings

Going deep! This is an excellent remix from ATFC.

10 Jorge Araujo, Mr. Kris – Question My Love (Rob Hayes Cuba Libre Remix) – Suntree Records

Check out this Latin / soulful groove, Rob Hayes made an ace remix!

‘Amsterdam Nights’ is out now on Suntree Records.