1. MLMC Feat. Molu – House Feelings (DJ Vivona Remix) – Major Underground

For this remix, I chose a French House sound. The exasperated use of the side chain on all music contrasts the very present vocal speech. All this is very 90’s.

2. Dj Vivona – Waiting For U – IAH Records (Unreleased)

This is my forthcoming release on IAH records. Characterised by a frisky groove with dark synths makes for a melodic song. The percussion and the marimba key give a little touch of Afro-house to the mix. The singer’s performance is very intense and nostalgic, creating a feeling of expectation. Waiting for U!

3. Dubfire feat. Carl Craig and Kate Elsworth – Lotus – Crosstown Rebels

This one tickles my darker side, which I think we all have. I can’t really explain it, but this masterpiece is one of my favourites!

4. Prins Thomas – Bringing Mum To Panorama Bar – Prins Thomas Musikk

I really like the progressive influences of this record. It’s a kind of vortex whose groove starts 4 minutes after the beginning of the track… it is 12 minutes long! Acid sounds enrich its content in a particular way.

5. Butch – Lale – Innervisions

I love the particular rhythmic writing of this record. The groove is very light but still capable of holding up to very large dance floors. The warmth released by the 90’s synth that accompanies it for its entire duration is winning!

6. Leonardo Chevy – Rocking This Heat – Vialocal

Leonardo is a great friend, as well as a great DJ and producer! I particularly love the groove of his production: nosy, straight and effective! The vocoder of the voice is particular, I like it. He always manages to amaze me with some very effective bass riffs!

7. Radyon – The Call (Original) – SNKE Sunclock

Great work of sound design. Industrial, techno and power synths are expertly dosed. The song is a continuous evolution with an explosive lead synth ending. Pure fire for a big dance floor.

8. Oliver Dollar & Daniel Steinberg – Testified (Scan 7 The Way Of The 7 Extended Mix) – Classic Music Company

The funky energy that this record releases makes me happy and want to dance all day long. I could listen to it 10 times in a row! Hammond’s melody is devastating, accompanied by a powerful piano ref. The singing is perfect and the cherry on top.

9. Vanco feat. Mavhungu – Kondelelani – Foliage Records

I love this record because it has Marimba’s that make it sound like a fairy tale but at the same time, it expresses what for me represents the Afro House genre. The type of percussion and the melody, the choruses, and finally those electronic synths that, in a refined and delicate way, give anyway a structure usable to great dancefloors!

10. Oxygenbuntu Ft B’utiza – Please Stay – Sunclock

Hypnotic groove, excited and full of electric synths ready to make the biggest and highest musical level dance floors tremble. The percussion is composed and conceived with particular creativity and perfectly fused to B’utiza’s fantastic voice. The bass line has some unexpected and extremely effective evolutions on the track and listening.

MLMC Feat. Molu – House Feelings (incl. Dj Vivona Remix) is out now on Major Underground.