Trainspotting with Joey Fitzgerald (aka Gold Suite)

Joey Fitzgerald is a British musician and DJ, currently based in Bali. In 2021, Joey’s debut release under his Gold Suitealias; ‘Hideaway EP’  quickly reached Bandcamp’s best-selling list. Featuring heavily on the esoteric NTS and Worldwide FM, Gold Suite originals and remixes have cemented Joey as a go-to for that beach-side, Balearic, post-disco sound. You can find Joey performing at the most celebrated music venues in Bali, soundtracking the sunset and beyond as resident DJ at Potato Head Beach Club, W Bali, 40 Thieves Club, Karma Beach, Mano Beach House, and more. As his new track ‘The Cowboy’ drops on NuNorthern Soul’s ‘Summer Selections Four EP’, DMCWorld goes trainspotting with Gold Suite.

1 Fitzzgerald – Ocean’s Call – Planet Trip Records

No, this isn’t one of mine. Excellent beachside vibes from Plant Trip Records’ Fitzzgerald. Great to start with this one in the middle of a sunny day.


2 Upward Bound – Mad Honey – Space Grapes

A very well executed homage to the late ’70s, and it really works. Stick this on it’ll quickly elevate any mood… plus, it’s almost in time! B-side is ace too.

Mad Honey - Upward Bound


3 Gold Suite – The Cowboy – NuNorthern Soul

This is the opening tune from my forthcoming ‘On My Horizon’ EP, which will be out in August on NuNorthern Soul. For now, check out Summer Selections 4, which features ‘The Cowboy’ and some excellent tracks from NNS’s fine roster.

The Cowboy (Original Mix)


4 Sofia Kourtesis – La Perla – Technicolour
We all know this one by now, and for good reason. This has been sneaking its way into most of my sets post-sunset. Really makes people smile.

5 Lex & Locke – 7 Day Path – Delusions Of Grandeur
7 minutes of excellent jamming over a party starting rhythm section. The almost entirely live percussion quickly makes you forget that this tune is mostly electronic. Easy to get lost in this one on the dance floor.

6 Donald’s House – Melodies On The Meridian – Permanent Vacation
The combo of the chunky bassline and ghost-noted house beat turn this into a real party starter. This is a real go-getter.

7 Manuel Darquart – Keep it DXy – WOLF Music
All about the shuffle and classic syncopation here. Featuring a bassline that can’t sit still and some really sunny chords, this is a firm favourite from a very good EP on WOLF Music

8 Idjut Boys – Dumme Willie – Droid
It doesn’t really get any more cheeky sounding than this, does it? Naughty boys.

9 Mainline Magic Orchestra – MMO Theme – Public Posession
Dance floor banger that features synthesized pan-pipes, clav, and a very loud sample of a horse neighing. What more could you ask for?

10 Andy Ash – Brother – Delusions Of Grandeur
6 minutes of toe-tapping housey goodness with a quirky flavour. I’ve been having to play a lot more uptempo stuff these days, so I’m pleased that producers like Liverpool’s Andy Ash are still making vibey stuff with an interesting twist.

‘Various Artists – Summer Selections Four’ EP is out now on NuNorthern Soul