Trainspotting with MindGazm

New York based live duo, MindGazm (aka Gregory Gelfand and Jenya Taran), have a unique, trend setting approach to their art, creatively combining Djing, VJing and live instruments to bring a deep sensory experience to their shows. Originally a Techno / Rock fusion band, with early releases including ’Seven Moons’ and ‘Gentle Chill’, MindGazm have since developed their extraordinary sound. In 2017 they fully transitioned into a live / DJ combo, exploring the many facets of the world of electronic dance, combined with live instruments such as flute, guitar, keyboards, with their shows enhanced by their own visual art. They released their debut single, ‘One Funky Evening’ on Trax Records in 2020, followed by ‘Sensual Guidance’, and ‘For Travellers’ on Symphonic to great acclaim.

As they release continue their song story telling with their steamy new release, ‘Caravan Of Deisre’, DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with MindGazm

1 Corren Cavini – Origins (Extended Mix) – DAYS like NIGHTS
This song takes me away every time I listen to it, its a magical landscape of celestial battles and universal vibrations, that get me swaying.
Corren Cavini - Origins (Extended Mix)

2 Jerro feat. Beacon – Go Back Now (Extended Mix) – Anjunadeep
A very emotional mix, it sets me free and makes me think of warm sunny days with family and friends.
Jerro feat. Beacon - Go Back Now (Extended Mix)

3 MindGazm –  Caravan Of Desire – Symphonic
A journey through the endless war between lust vs love continues in this sonic landscape that portrays this never ending battle.

4 Sian Evans – Hide U (Tinlicker Extended Remix) – Ajunandeep
Tinlicker never disappoints and this remix of Hide U is a real heart stopper. It has all the raw elements that make TInlicker one of those edge of the seat producers.
5 MindGazm – Dark Pleasures – Symphonic
Enter the realm of your guilty desires, as this track is a musical portrayal of voyage to the darker side of human needs. Bring a safety vest or you may drown in the sin of the moment.
6 Marsh – Little Darling (Original Mix) – Ajunandeep
Another great delivery from Marsh, this song easily crosses the boundaries of Deep House into Tech House and it won’t allow you to sit still.
7 Nora En Pure – Oblivion (Extended Mix) – Enormous Tunes
This track has and incredible uplifting sound that makes Nora En Pure the hair raising producer she has become. The range of synths and breaks that were chosen continue to tickle the ear’s fancy, even after a dozen or more plays.
8 Khåen, Avoure – In My Grasp (Extended Mix) – This Never Happened
In My Grasp always reminds of a starry night and being out alone by the ocean with the stars and planets shining and making you feel small and the universe vast.
9 Fehrplay – Through The Glass (Original Mix) – Mood Of Mind
This track starts slow, but quickly builds into a melodic freight train that travels through the clouds into the darkness of a tunnel, finally stoping right near your heart and soul.
10 Dabeat, Kamilo Sanclemente – Your Smile Is Priceless (Enamour Remix) Mango Alley
The vocals on this musical journey move me almost to tears, reminding of a familiar relative on a summer’s day, the melody and lyrics really hit home.
MindGazm ‘Caravan Of Desire’ EP is out now on Symphonic.