Trainspotting with Skydoll

1. Skydoll, Timotha Lanae – Feel You (Original Mix) Skydoll Records

This song was our debut release and is very close to our hearts as it was also our first collaboration with the immensely talented, Timotha Lanae. We wrote the song together and it flowed effortlessly as if delivered from the sky. Timotha’s gorgeous vocals helped to send the track into the stratosphere on an exciting journey of airplay and mentions around the World.

2. Alexander Koning – Get Out Of My Head (Sebb Junior Remix) Suppressed Energy

What does Sebb Junior do that isn’t tight, slick, funky and brilliant? This is yet another example. The breakdown on this one is just beautiful! The syncopated synth is so hypnotically cool that it sucks you right into the track. Sorry to disobey you Sebb, but to this track we say, get into my head!

3. Samson Lewis, Ann Mimoun – Save Us Now (Original Mix) Main Vibe Music

The bass kills us! Pulsating and bouncey at the same time. At 125 BPM’s you can’t help but wanna move to this one. The vocal is sublime. And if this isn’t a message for 2020, we don’t know what is. “It’s been so long since I’ve seen the ocean.” Indeed. Too damn long!

4. Richie Jones, Eric Kupper, Sofia Rubina – Calling You (Bagdad Cafe) (Original Mix) Hysteria

We had to pick this track for our top ten chart 1, because it is a beautiful song and a really well done remake of the track and 2, because the original vocalist who catapulted the original recording to stardom and was nominated for an Academy Award, is a vocalist named Jevetta Steele. Jevetta Steele happens to be the sister of Jearlyn Steele, the vocalist on our new single, “It’s Gonna Be Alright!” Powerhouse vocals obviously run in the family.

5.  Spencer Morales, Tasha LaRae – I Need Your Lovin’ (Opolopo Remix) Quantize Recordings

Oh Boy! We are hopping up on our feet the moment this jam jumps off! What an infectious groove. This song was made for dancing. And that vocal! Such energy and expression in that voice and she owns this song. The truly great singers make a song their own. Tasha LaRae certainly does that here. And OPOLOPO, the Swedish Godfather of funky soulful disco, schools us all on why he has earned that title. We were so fortunate to have OPOLOPO knock out a killin remix of our single, “Feel You.”

6. Oded Nir, Warren Byrd – That’s The Scat (Richard Earnshaw Classic Remix) Suntree Records

Groovy electric piano set to a classic dance beat gets this track going and it just builds and builds and becomes another epic Richard Earnshaw masterpiece. Are we really surprised by that? Really? Anything Mr. Earnshaw touches turns to gold. Evidenced by his remix of our new single, “It’s Gonna Be Alright.”

7.  Chuck Love, Fourfeet – Let’s Go Back (Original Mix) Om Records

Absolutely captivated by those tuned tom drums at the beginning of this track. A driving bass brings in a blistering chorus that makes you stand up and take notice. A bouncin House piano puts a big smile on your face as you find yourself singing along to this track, “Let’s go back to the way we started!” We have been fans of Chuck Love for years and though we live in the same town of Minneapolis, we haven’t worked together. That changes now! Chuck Love provides a massive remix of our new single.

8. Skydoll, Jearlyn Steele –  It’s Gonna Be Alright (Original Mix) Skydoll Records

Our new single features a powerhouse singer who is a household name here in Minneapolis. We will consider this release a smashing success if Jearlyn Steele becomes a household name in the rest of the World as well. She should be. Jearlyn is a World class vocalist who effortlessly delivers one of the best House vocals we have ever heard.

9. DJ Spen, Cornell, C.C. Carter – Keep Your Head To The Sky (Original Mix) Quantize Recordings

This song is really a prayer. And a touching prayer at that. Inspiring. Like a Disco sermon, listen to those lyrics and you know that you are gonna pull through. We ALL are! It’s been one Hell of a tough year for the whole World. DJ Spen, Cornell and C.C. Carter remind us to just have faith and everything is going to be alright. Such emotive vocals and a stunning melody. We are in love with this track!

10. Shuya Okino, Navasha Daya – Still In Love (Dr. Packer Extended Remix) Glitterbox Recordings

Glitterbox is our favorite label. We love everything about Glitterbox. The glamorous disco they do so well. Thank God for Glitterbox! They have brought the best bits of 1970’s hedonistic joy right to us in the year 2020! The spirit of Disco truly lives right here. “Still in Love” by Dr. Packer proves that if you had any doubts. A disco anthem if we ever heard one.

Skydoll ft Jearlyn Steele ‘It’s Gonna Be Alright’ (Incl. Chuck Love and Richard Earnshaw Mixes) is out now on Traxsource promo / Full release December 18th 2020 on Skydoll Records.