1. Hot – Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis – Unquantize

Finding the right place for a song to borderline many genres wasn’t hard for this release. We loved that it pulsates with long deep synths and hooky chant that made this song go from the deepest underground to global play infusing African voodoo-like drums and dark synths that push a system into a peak!

2. Lover – David Morales, Michelle Shapa- DIRIDIM

This song drives a dancefloor crazy. David Morales knows how to compose tunes that meld the fever of Afro with the music that holds you captive.  Synths reminiscent to “Rock To The Beat” vocals that are cleverly hypnotic!

3. Ingani (Original) – Afro Warriors, Wilson Kentura, Lizwi – Tribe

I am serious fan of these guys! The tune wells in lyrics, vocals, and production. Uni-lingual, I have watched many have the same sentiments and love for their work. Peak hour at its finest!

4. DJ Biskit – Badop (Geoffrey C Nightrain Mix) – Unquantize

A Baltimore anthem now, this song is just a flattering unreleased team that resonates the energy of the city in peak. “Nightrain” was released years ago and is a classic, but to hear it revised and driven with DJ Biskit’s “Badop” rocks out of its mind! Shows that the community is listening and no work is in vain.

5. No Contest – Culoe De Song – Soulista Melvin Gentry”s

Retouches are phenomenal! For years he and I have become very close friends and his productions many times he does as an inspiration from our bond. Look out for his work that’s coming!

6. Ba Ba Yaga’s Revenge- Jay Rags – Unreleased

Unreleased and pure fire, Jay Rags hails from Baltimore. This fire tune drives with severe banging drums and Afro Nursery chants of children bedded on top of peculating synths. Underground at its best and a favorite of mine.

7. Kiqi- Toshi & Timmy Regisford – Quantize Recordings  

From Toshi & Timmy’s killer album, this tune will swell on a dance floor in a compelling groove and drive full of sizzling drums and haunting music with Toshi’s sultry vocals, Timmy Regisford knows just how to enter a dance floor.

8. Mars Needs Women (Baltimore Invasion Mix) – Thommy Davis- Code Red

Code Red/Defected released, the song drives with uncompromised energy with chopping synths, drums that ride in Afro-like percussion and Baltimore bass kick thump, vocals by myself in imitation of an astronaut, it has never failed to work for any genre. DJ Spen co-produced, it rocks hard on peak-hour energy.

9. Oweibaba (Unreleased Mix) – Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis- Unquantize

Taken from our new ‘Urban Jungle album. We knew that this song was fire, but in the clubs I was spinning this unreleased mix that held the energy of peak hour heat.  What it does is unexplainable, but when does music ever have to explain itself? You will love its stripped take on the song and its surprising energy.

10. Umbovukazi – Da Capo – Rise Music

The best way to know when something is fire is to play it!  The grind of the hypnotic music and bongo riff makes this song heat! At a time when some dance scenes have become stagnant, its productions like this that roar in peak hour sound!

Thommy Davis & Greg Lewis ‘Urban Jungle’ Album – out now…