All going off here and just in is Egg’s new monthly resident female DJ Ireen Amnes Interview and chart. She plays her debut residency set at Egg LDN: The Birthday this Saturday May 7th and last year scooped the coveted Emerging Ibiza Wildcard winner prize which led to her being invited to play a Carl Cox at Space Ibiza party.

DJ, producer, singer and multi instrumentalist, Ireen Amnes is now based in London after cutting her teeth on Rome’s club scene, including a residency at Rashomon Club and guesting at some of the best parties in the city. Currently carving out a stellar reputation for her own unique style, connecting heavy bass sounds, beats and ethereal vocals, and her underground club night Under My Feet, Ireen’s productions are now stepping up a gear having released tracks on the Berlin based compilation Upperberry and with her ‘Response’ floor filler one of the standouts on Coco Cole’s much talked ‘Say Yes: Volume 2’ compilation.

Ireen plays regularly on the London underground scene, sharing the stage with many of the leading names from the world of Techno, and she’s set to be one of the Ones To Watch in 2016.

Ireen Amnes
Egg Resident – Egg LDN: The Birthday

Why do you think that the role of a resident DJ is so crucial to a successful club night?
A good resident DJ in my opinion can turn a regular club night into the most successful one. The resident needs to have a defined musical character which adds to the club, each time showcasing a different set, always experimenting and improving. For me, a resident DJ has to be daring.

What do you think your duty is as a resident?
My duty and responsibility is to show the audience the best of underground and emerging music that often is left aside because of the trends of the moment.

Tell us about the very first time you played at Egg Ldn and how was it for you?
I played for the first time at a daytime party last summer. I had an early set which went surprisingly well considering I play hard techno. It was such a great experience and I never thought that less than one year later I would become the resident of my favourite venue in London!

How do you think that you represent the club and its music policy?
My ambition is to represent the club fully within the underground scene and I will definitely be on the techno side of things.

For a long time the resident DJ was overshadowed by the headline act but the scene has come to appreciate and acknowledge them again, with many club nights adopting well known residents for series. Why do you think it’s changed?
I have always seen the resident DJ as an important figurehead for a club night. The change in popularity might mark an upswing for the actual music and the personalities associated with a particular club rather than just focusing on big names and trends. In some ways, it marks a step back to a more underground vibe, which I love.

What track in your collection always sets the tone for the night at Egg Ldn?
When I can I like to play the track ‘Creeping’ by DVS1, so listen out for that one.

How do your sets differ from when you’re playing as a resident to when you’re playing headline gigs?
It obviously depends on the time I’m playing, but when I play as resident I usually choose slower tracks, more trippy towards dub/atmospheric techno whereas when I’m headlining I usually go for faster dark techno.

What has been your favourite momenta playing as a resident DJ at Egg Ldn?
I am looking forward to Egg LDN: The Birthday which coincidentally is my debut as their resident!


Ireen Amnes Hot 10

1. Ø [Phase] – Further Trials

I love playing this track, drives the audience crazy!

Ø [Phase] – Further Trials

2. James Ruskin – Indirect World

Who doesn’t appreciate ’90s music?

James Ruskin – [A2] Indirect World

3. Tensal – Thesis 2


Tensal – Thesis 2 – Children Of Tomorrow (COT013)

4. AnD – The Jellyfish

This track is purely for techno lovers.

AnD – The Jellyfish (Original Mix) [ELECTRIC DELUXE]

5. UVB – Move On

UVB is a super talented artist representing Mord Records, my favorite label ever.

UVB – Move On (Original Mix)

6. Yan Cook – Breeze

Try to play this track at 7am and look at people’s reaction. – It’s so hypnotic!

Yan Cook – Breeze [PRRUKBLK004]

7. Ancient Methods – Untitled A1 (Fifth Method)

Ancient Methods – another genius of dark techno.

Ancient Methods – Untitled A1 (Fifth Method)

8. Silent Servant – Mad Youth


Silent Servant – Mad Youth

9. Shifted – Control

Shifted is one of my favorite producers.

Shifted – Control

10. Function – Disaffected

Acid sounds…

Function – Disaffected

Ireen Amnes plays her resident debut set at Egg LDN: The Birthday alongside ANNA,
Hector Couto, Christian Smith, Kyle E and The Willers Brothers with Techno on the Terrace from Gary Beck, Cari Lekebusch, Harvey McKay and Luis Flores and disco in The Loft with the Menendez Brothers, Smokin Jo and ROCTIV on Saturday May 7th. All info at