Patrice Bäumel

Global Underground has secured Patrice Bäumel to curate and mix the first Global Underground city series mix album for over 3 years. Global Underground GU42: Berlin, Patrice Bäumel is due for release as a double CD plus digital and streaming formats on Friday 29th March 2019 and follows the last Global Underground city series installments by Solomun, and James Lavelle. Other alumnae include Sasha, Carl Cox, Deep Dish, Paul Oakenfold, Danny Tenaglia and John Digweed.


Patrice, welcome to DMC World. Where in the world are we catching you today?

I am at home in Amsterdam, where I have lived for a long time now. I actually live in the centre with my wife and dog; it’s only 5 minutes walk to Centraal Station, so it’s very convenient for work. Like Berlin it’s a young city working with new ideas and there’s lots of work so it’s easier to make money.

What music are you listening to?

Actually you caught me searching for new music, which I spend a lot of time seeking out. I generally have a long list of producers and labels I follow and then I discover new stuff through those.

What’s your connection to Berlin?

I was born in Germany, near Dresden in the east, about 2 hours from Berlin so it has always been an important part of my life. In fact my mum lives there now, so it’s actually my second home.

Have you spent a lot of time there?

Yes, I went to my first big rave in Berlin (Mayday) and attending Love Parade pulled me into the scene. I bought my first records at the Hard Wax store. I’ve been playing in Berlin since I first started deejaying in 1994 and I’ve been producing music there since 2003.

Great news about being signed up to curate and mix the Global Underground album. How did this materialise?

GU approached us about putting together an album for them. I was between releasing my own projects, so it sounded like it could work. Although I’m into the GU albums, I’m from a slightly different musical background to some of the DJs people traditionally associate with Global Underground, as the progressive house scene never really happened in Germany in the same way as it did in the UK. Sasha and Digweed were known to some degree and I personally liked them, however, Germany has always been more about techno.

GU42: Patrice Bäumel - Berlin | BE-AT.TV

Have you always played techno?

My first exposure to techno was in Berlin but like a lot of young people I was into hard techno or gabber as it was known and more happy hardcore type sounds. When I moved to Amsterdam there was more choice of music available to me and I had the opportunity to pick up on all things that were happening on the scene and meld a sound that combines techno with a groove between the beats.

Tell us about the feel and flow of your mix?

The mix is split in two parts. The first mix is a Berlinesque open air, daytime rooftop session with a sunset vibe. The second mix is the nighttime mix, which would be perfectly placed in the middle set of a warehouse party.

How did you assemble the mix?

I went through every track in my archive to compile the album. I spent a week sorting out each mix before mixing live on Ableton at home. I wanted it to go further than a straight mix and become whole, composition-like and the perfect after party mix album. I wanted the album to reflect something that Berlin and GU means to me.

Which artists would be in your DJ producer dream team?

I would like a really good vocalist! I like the indie related French artist Sylvain Chauveau. Favourite DJ for a party line up would be Apparat and I’d like to collaborate with Jamie XX as a producer. I wouldn’t refuse working with Underworld either.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in your life and how did you overcome it?

The biggest mistakes are the ones you don’t make. When I played it safe, tried not to jump, not to grow, they were mistakes. When you let fear make decisions, you will make mistakes. I don’t regret making mistakes, as they are great for development.

What are your Ibiza plans?

Not had a long history playing on the island – about 3 or 4 years but making up for it this year playing Heart’s opening, 2 Circoloco’s, 3 Resistance, Saga, Dystopia, and Afterlife!

Tell us something about your favourite 3 tracks on the album?

Nicolas Rada – Cumulonimbus
My most played track of the last 12 months. It is just an incredible groove track that sits comfortably between techno and progressive – a sweet spot that is right in my wheelhouse. This is a record that I can make-work on any dancefloor, there was no question it needed to be part of the compilation.

Musiccargo – Ich Geh Den Weg Mit Dir
This is a real character record and one of the most poppy moments of the compilation. I feel that a good compilation needs a few moments by which it will be remembered in the future. Musiccargo is a band that no longer exists and it was really difficult to track these guys down and get the licensing sorted out. It was worth the effort.

Jossie Telch – Borders (Eitan Reiter Remix)
Eitan Reiter is one of my favourite producers of the moment. This remix is as deep as the ocean yet it carries an intensity with it that sweeps me away time and again. Majestic.

5 big tunes in your set?

New Jackson – The Night Mail
Yotto – Turn It Around (Ruede Hagelstein Remix)
Denis Horvat – Noise feat. Lelah
Deepbass – Separation Of The Present Moment
Tiefschwarz – Echo 1

Obviously artists who’ve scaled to dizzying heights have graced Nubreed before including Steve Lawler, Sander Kleinenberg, Lee Burridge, and Satoshi Tomiie. Do you have a favourite GU album?

I very much liked Sasha Ibiza and Danny Tenaglia.


Global Underground GU42: Berlin, Patrice Bäumel is available as a double CD, plus digital and streaming formats, and a limited Collector’s Edition 2xCD box set with 110-page photo book containing photographer Dean Belcher’s images of Berlin and 4x12 inch square art prints. Release date Friday 29th March 2019.

Parable & Patrice Bäumel present: Global Underground 42 Album Launch will be held at FOLD in Canning Town, London on Saturday 6th April, with the Berlin party being held at Kater Blau on Sunday 7th April