Shiftee’s Picks – Week 11

Boom! Two times DMC World Champion brings us his essential weekend tunes


I’m sitting in a Parisian airport typing this article. I’m not flying anywhere, I just find airports in France to be a soothing place to write.  It’s the same way my best thinking occurs in Greek airports, my best meatball cooking occurs in Swedish airports, and my best penmanship occurs in German airports. No offense to anyone.

Truthfully, I’m on my way to London.  I’m playing a party called POW! in Norwich on Thursday (Nov. 10), and then I’m doing a guest mix on MuthaF-ing Rinse FM on Friday Nov. 11.  I’m joining DJ Wonder’s 1am-3am GMT show.  Tune in, yo!


I made a video involving exploding pants –


Ango – Looking For Love
Get funky now!  Ango drops the danceable feel good grooves, repeatedly urging the listener to the “feel the love.”  Good places to look for love: the library, summer camp,, and an Ango concert. 

C.9ine – Chasing (Atjazz Remix)
So smooth it makes Pootie Tang jealous.

Chasing Shadows – Odyssey
Evil!  Do not let your loved ones near this song.  Even Bruce Willis circa Die Hard runs to his mommy when this song comes on.  If only the fictional terrorists knew!  All their diabolical schemes would have succeeded.   

DOK & Sir Spyro – Missing Step
Not a new song, but screw you!  Who am I?  Walter Cronkite?  I first heard this song on the outstanding 4-hour Butterz takeover on Rinse from last week.  I highly recommend checking out the whole podcast, very inspiring.  This song is totally ridiculous, probably going to drop it every set from now on whether the situation calls for it or not.  Grandma’s birthday party?  Hit ’em with the grime!

Dubbel Dutch – B Leave
Futuristic sci-fi sexy vibes.  I could see this music playing in a club from Blade Runner.  Infectious!  My only concern is the vocalist seems to have a bad stutter.  “Ta ta ta ta ta ta ta” … Today, Junior!

Gemmy – Too Far
Huge!  Hat tip to Badman Shark (the Joe Rogan of grime, not sure what that means though) on this one.  Unexpected and epic.  I’m going to drop this one at Grandma’s birthday party too, a must play!  

Gold Panda – Through Clouds
Listen closely next time you fly, and you’ll notice this is exactly what clouds sound like.  Beautifully composed.  I wish this was the music during Mario 64 when you get wings and soar through the sky as Mario.  That would be a dope idea actually.  Re-score video games.   Super Mario 64 (Shiftee Remix). COPYRIGHT, son!   

Jodie – Moments In Heartbreak (LOL Boys Edit)
I first heard Girl Unit drop this in the basement of Le Poisson Rouge in NYC, and I’ve been searching for a track ID every since.  Thanks to Mele’s Boiler Room set, I’ve got it!  Art of Noise sample + classic RnB FTW.  Make the honeys and hard core hip hoppers go ape poop simultaneously.  MY BABY MAKING MUSIC PICK OF THE WEEK.   

Starkey – Rayguns
Starkey’s Ninja Tune debut “Open The Pod Bay Doors” is awesome.  In Rayguns, Starkey fuses soaring atmospheric space melodies with dirty grime.  Starkey done did it again.  By the way if my name was Ray, I would totally call my biceps Rayguns.  

Switch – What Did She Say (JP Remix)
If Jim Jarmusch or Quentin Tarantino curated a dubstep soundtrack, it might sound something like this.  This remix is a victory not only for JP the producer, but JP’s everywhere.     

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