Various Artists
Christmas In The House
King Street Sounds

Okay straight off the bat I want it to be know I’m: a) not a big Christmas
fan, and, b) can’t think of anything worse then a compilation of music
dedicated solely to extolling the religious virtues of the said holiday. Now
that’s out in the open, I’m pleasantly surprised (as in, I wish my ears
hadn’t been gorged out by a pack of wild earwigs!) by what’s on offer. King
Street has long had a reputation for the finest in house music, so why not
house music with a Christmas lilt? Stephanie Cooke, her husband and Pastor
Kenny Bobien, Joi Cardwell, Monique Bingham and Frankie Feliciano are just a
handful of artists to offer their unique 4/4 take on the nativity theme with
a few well know songs (‘Silent Night’, ‘Come O Ye Faithful’ etc) mixed in
with some new compositions.

3 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Lewis Dene