Barnt – Geffen

Deeper than deep! This is such a cruel monster! I can’t say I am much of a minimal guy, because I enjoy complex music a lot, but this is a genius example of a few killer elements that I would always drop at some after hour!

Barnt – Geffen (Cómeme 013, 2012)


Kraftwerk – Ohm Sweet Ohm

I could include several Kraftwerk tracks here, but let’s do a less typical one. This one was on my Mom’s “Christmas mixtape” so no wonder the electronic sound was implanted in my veins since an early age 🙂 The title alone already worth a lot of credit for creativity, the song itself is magical, it sounds like classical music played by a quartet, on electronic instruments, and the crescendo leading to trance – this is the Ode of Joy of electronic music.

Ohm Sweet Ohm (2009 Remastered Version)


Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygene 2

Oxygene is the album that I heard the most times in my life – that might be somewhere between 50 to 100 times – I considered Oxygene 4 a ‘more mainstream’, everybody knows it song, while part 2 is the total definition of cosmic music, that plucky main trancey melody, the bleeps and stuff with the Synthi AKS, the Eminent strings…Year 2000 at the Love Parade in Berlin, one truck passed by and someone dropped this and sounded awesome!

Jean Michel Jarre – Oxygen II


Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz’ Over 2 The End Remix

This is probably the only young track here. I have to include it though – this is kinda definition of epicness. Two of my huge icons joining forces on one record, the genius of the mysterious Traumprinz/Metatron/Prince of Denmark, whatever name he uses, and the brilliant Efdemin brought us this already timeless and heavenly song. You can’t go wrong for an epic closing with this.

Efdemin – Parallaxis (Traumprinz' Over 2 The End Remix) [Dial Records]


Âme – Rej

Talking about ‘cosmic music’ and those pizzicato-like goosebump-giving plucks, I cannot leave out Rej. A couple decades after the above mentioned Oxygene 2, this masterpiece probably inspired (inspires) a very high percentage of all producers, whose goal is to make emotional, harmonic, forward thinking electronic music – it probably failed to inspire the generation of “loop-painting producers”. Please, DON’T remix this!

AME – REJ (Original Mix)


Carl Finlow – Anomaly

As “electro” had its incredible comeback in 2018, Carl Finlow’s work cannot be ignored. This is a prime example timeless electronica beauty with classic electro beats. The melancholy and the euphoria together, is what I really look for when I want to hear music that vibes with me.
Also this unofficial video on Youtube that uses scenes from and old sci-fi movie is genius job, worth viewing!

Carl Finlow – Anomaly (The Time Travelers)


Orbital – One Perfect Sunrise

Can’t do a ‘Back to mine’ without including an Orbital track. Beautiful, dense electronica, one of the reasons for my ever lasting love for breakbeats. Just like the title says, this is a soundtrack for one perfect sunrise!

one perfect sunrise – orbital


Arpanet – Wireless Internet

I’m huge fan of the mysterious man behind this and mans other aliases. This would be my go-to epic set opener electronica. It takes me to different dimensions! How much beauty you can create with simple arpeggios and melancholic pads. I have it on vinyl too!

Arpanet – Wireless Internet


Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes

There can’t be a Back to mine without Depeche Mode…literally our adolescence was all about DM. This song is not considered a very successful one, and they barely include it in the concerts (I’ve been 4 times already) but the resonant bassline and that unique mega-layered snare drum got in my vein forever! I also like the lyrics here.

Depeche Mode – World In My Eyes (Official Video)


Aphex Twin – Polynomial C

It might be another too obvious entry on the list, but this is a song from the genius’ not so glitchy and abstract repertoire, which I am more fond of. Along with the Selected Ambient Works  85-92 ’s other tracks, these are the most precious gems of AFX, because they are not only experimental and technically outstanding, they are also musical, even when they are dissonant at times.



Adwer – Magma EP (Bolygó Records)

Adwer has built a solid reputation over the last few years with his melodic tinged take on underground house and techno garnering support from the likes of Sasha, Joris Voorn and Laurent Garnier. He has also developed a following with a series of unique live shows built around his dedicated synth heavy, analog sound, in fact, it’s these very live shows that have given birth to the music on offer on this latest EP.
Opening number ‘Plutonism’ is lifted from Adwer’s latest live set, and delivers six and a half minutes of pulsating, rolling techno populated with dub inflected stabs, skittering rhythms and subtle FX, all underpinned by a floor shaking bassline. The second of the musical trio comes in the form of ‘Magma (live edit)’, which as the title implies is an edit of a live jam in which Adwer cuts loose with sounds from his extensive synth arsenal. Deep and entrancing, ‘Magma’ has a mesmerizing feel, brought on in part by the drawn out intro, before the record finds it’s groove and draws you deep down into the mix. The third and final part of this package takes shape in ‘Beaumont’, a melodic synth laden affair that is a perfect closing opus, and as the title suggests, pays homage to a great artist that was one of the artist’s big electronica influences from the Nineties.

Adwer – Magma EP (Bolygó Records) Release: 25th March 2019 Cat No: BOR007