#1 Jean Michelle Jarre – Equinoxe 4

Jean Michelle Jarre was my childhood idol. I grew up in a musical family where his music was played 24/7. I felt in love with the synthesiser because of him. As a kid, I actually pretended to play among 10 synths, by stacking books around me! Equinoxe as well as most of his compositions are like the Holy Graal for me.

Equinoxe 4 – Jean Michel Jarre

#2 John Williams – Schindler’s List Main Theme.

If sentiment was music, it would be John William’s greatest work; well for me at least. From the first swings of Itzhak Perlman’s rod, I can feel it unleashing massive parcels of energy! A masterpiece and also, food for the soul. Respect!

Schindler's List Soundtrack

#3 Kraze – The Party

One bassline, one 808 beat patterns, cool piano chords and a crazy vocalist. Ingenious! This is where it all started for me! “yo want this party started right!”

Kraze – The Party (house, 1988)

 The Stranglers – Golden Brown

Oh come on! Listen to this song! It’s so simple and so incredibly ingenious! This track is totally related with my childhood too. I only wish I could congratulate the Stranglers in person for inventing the perfectly balanced song!

Golden Brown – The Stranglers

Pig&Dan – Sandstorm (Original mix)

Well, Pig&Dan were, are and will continue to be my biggest and most significant influence. I have been following their music for quite some years. Sandstorm, I would say is their biggest and most vibrant track ever and for sure one of my all time favourites in modern techno

Pig & Dan – Sandstorm (Original Mix)

 U.S.U.R.A. – Open Your Mind

Now this is a track that could easily be re-released with just some minor upgrades in sound engineering. One of my all time favourites, like quite a lot from this era of dance music when Italians played a key role on, well, let’s admit it, shaping the future of dance music.

U.S.U.R.A. – Open Your Mind (Classic Mix)

 Gusgus – Over

Oh just listen to this! I mean, when it was out, it was on repeat! It was playing in my car, my phone, at the studio! And no, it has nothing to do with a broken relationship or something. Just listen to it!

Gusgus – Over (Official Video)

Stephan Bodzin – Singularity

I just hope I get to meet Stephan Bodzin one day and just shake his hand thank him for this priceless contribution to modern electronic music. Standing ovation to the Maestro!

Stephan Bodzin – Singularity (Original) – Life and Death

 Vangelis – Blade Runner Theme

Okay Vangelis, he was like a million years ahead of everyone when he was composing the Blade Runner soundtrack. Everyone is talking about “Ridley Scotts masterpiece” and the only thing I hear is Vangelis’ epic composition here!

Blade Runner Theme • Vangelis

# 10 
U 96 – Das Boot

First word you get to hear in this classic, is the word “Techno”. Yeah.

U 96 – Das Boot


Anna V. – Cryogenesis (Familia)

Woman of the moment Anna V. is next up on the Familia label with a new single that comes backed with remixes from Arjun Vagale and The Reactivitz. As well as running her own new label Voltage Records, Italian artist Anna V. has turned heads and made a big impact with releases on labels like Elevate and Funk’n Deep. Mixing up dark and intense vibes with moody melodics, Anna always casts a spell on the dance floor and does so again here with her standout new single. The compelling ‘Cryogenesis’ is a powerfully hypnotic track with an undulating bassline and African styled lead that calls all who hear it to the ‘floor. Full of robust drums and searing synths, it’s the sort of high octane, high impact track that marks the zenith of any techno set. The first remix comes from pioneering Indian techno artist Arjun Vagale, who will play the legendary Awakenings just after this tune is out. He is one of his homeland’s biggest dance music exports and here turns in a more tribal remix that makes for a heavy workout and pure peak time vibes. Rough, ready and unrelenting, it’s a serious techno weapon. Last but not least is The Reactivitz, known for his big hitters on Jay Lumen’s Footwork, Sasha Carassi’s Phobiq and Toolroom. He comes correct with a pounding, driving take on the original true to his signature sound. Add in sweeping synths and rumbling bass and you have another hard to ignore monster. This is a fierce and fantastic package of modern techno goodness.
Anna V. – Cryogenesis (Familia) Out now Cat. No. FAMILIA010