1. Convextion – R-CNVX1 – Untitled B [A.R.T.LESS VEXT RE 1]

A very deep track that has these really noisy phasing pad sounds in the back that I like. I love to listen to this track and just daydream.

Convextion – R-CNVX1 – Untitled B [A.R.T.LESS VEXT RE 1]


2. Rod Modell – Kingston

The endless echo’s give me this feeling of beeing lost but feeling at home at the same time. It took me while to get hold of this record. Still gem still works on the dance floor.

Rod Modell – Kingston


3. Ion Ludwig – Quattro Sur Lac

I love this track because it reminds me of the endless summers I had as child. In fact, the whole Ugold 5 release of Ion is a gem! I’d like to play this on Sunday morning after breakfast.

Ion Ludwig – Quattro Sur Lac [UGold 5]


4. Monolake – Melting

Morphing pads that change over time. If I need to drive a long distance, this track will be my companion. Works even better when you drive at night.

Monolake – Melting


5. DeepChord ‎- Electromagnetic Dowsing (The Final Step)

The static and hiss of this record reminds me of listening to shortwave radio broadcast that I sometimes every now and then. There is a whole world out there that can be listened to with just a wire and a radio. The record really captures this fascination.

DeepChord ‎- Electromagnetic Dowsing (The Final Step)


6. Rhythm & Sound – Imprintv

A lot of people underestimate the power of noise in records. This almost ambient track hits the spot. A kick drum pushed to the background and the ever changing noise on the forefront always made me wonder. I guess if you’re a night worker in a power plant that this will be your soundtrack.

Rhythm & Sound – Imprint


7. Skee Mask – Skreet Lvl Dub

Can I get an Amen? Yes, with a lot of reverb please. This is what drum and bass should be al about. Fresh breaks are hard to find these days but Skee Mask nails it every time with his releases.

Skee Mask – Skreet Lvl Dub


8. Love Over Entropy – Off The Grid (Versalife Remix)

808 with endless pads. Love over Entropy and Versalife are both excellent producers and this remix works really well. Music while hiking in the forest.

Love Over Entropy – Off The Grid (Versalife Remix) (NOWHERE01)


9. Marko Fuerstenberg – AMB I

You wake up and feel refreshed. The morning feels cold but you’re excited to take on the day. A fresh coffee and this track always motivates me.

Marko Fuerstenberg – AMB I [ORN032] C1


10. Deepchord – Sand and Sea

I spend a lot of time as a kid on the beach. The long beaches, the large dunes and the cycle through the forest to get there. Everything is enormous and impressive. Sand and Sea by Deepchord captures both.


Deepchord – Sand and Shore


Ian Mono – Shadow Mountain (Echobound)

Dutchman Ian Mono serves up the third release on his own Echobound label and brings plenty of exploratory dub techno vibes to the three terrific tracks. It comes as a digital release, and also a deluxe package featuring a sample pack and extra stems. Ian Mono is not only an artist, but also a Mastering Engineer and Ableton Tutorial maker with his own vital YouTube channel featuring a wealth of tutorials. He has a love of pirate radio stations, Detroit techno and illegal raves, has travelled the world to party and now see this new label as a community as well as place to release music. This new EP is a combination of studio experiments and jams conducted in Mono’s new studio room and shows off his love for vintage hardware, digital plugins and creative freshness. “The track ‘78 78’ is a shortwave recording of the cold war era number stations,” explains Ian. “’Shifting’ came to life when researching wavetable synthesis and experimenting with tape delays to create a typical Basic Channel 90’s sound that changes over time, and ‘Fading’ started as an ambient track by using digital noise sources to create an atmospheric journey which would fit on your playlist when driving a car for at least 12 hours.” The excellent opener ’78 78’ is a heavy, busy bit of atmospheric dub techno that is cut from rock. The grainy textures and hissing frequencies as well as muffled vocals lend it the feel of an illicit radio broadcast and it is sure to make an impact in any warehouse. The superb ‘Shifting’ is then a more stripped back and supple affair that’s inspired by the icy dub techno of Basic Channel. It’s rhythmically playful, laden with reverb and is a full fat track with expert synth work next to the slick drum programming. Last of all, ‘Fading’ has bottomless depth, with minimal drum work and ripple chords disappearing off to infinity in all directions.

Ian Monom – Shadow Mountain (Echobound) Release: April 1st 2019 Cat No: EB003