Following the success of their last release via Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, Italian duo Italoboyz’s first of 2019 comes courtesy of Davide Squillace’s This And That Lab. A collaboration with fellow Italian Blind Minded, the release also comes with a remix by Matteo Spedicati and an original by Italoboyz’ Marco under his Durant alias.

Based in London for a decade, the Italoboyz cut their teeth in the capital, and are best known for tunes such as ‘Victor Casanova’ and the John Coltrane-sampling ‘Bahia’. Owners of the much-respected Superfiction label, they have also repped the likes of Claude Von Stroke’s Mothership, Mihalis Safras’ Material Series and notably, Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour. Here, the lads supply us with some of their favourite Back To Mine tracks…


BANDERAS – This Is Your Life (Less Stress 12 Inch Mix)

This track brings up so many memories, 1991 is when we’ve started buying records and going clubbing. This track was very often one of the early track played in clubs, as the formula used to be starting with slow tempo, and then build up more and more up to house/techno or whatever it was. This specific remix is the one. Such a brilliant, positive track

BANDERAS – This Is Your Life (Less Stress 12 Inch Mix).avi


Joel Mull – Begun The End has (Mathew Jonson’s Tiger Remix)

This track is one of the most powerful, stylish, classic, dramatic, intense, ohmygosh remix I’ve ever heard. Beside the fact that he, Mathew Johnson, is one of the most amazing electronic music producers around, with this piece, in my opinion, went simply above excellence. I’ve managed to play it once in a club, during an all nighter… If you can manage to arrive to a point where you can drop this gem, it’s a night to remember for sure…

Joel Mull – Begun The End has (Mathew Jonson's Tiger Remix)


Dapayk & Midnight – Emergency

The only bummer of this is that is a 10’, and in the bag it always gets hidden, due to the smaller size. Beside that, is a beautiful piece of music, I’ve played this large and wide since the day I bought it at (once was) Smallfish Records in London, but the great thing about this track is that is either brilliant in a club but also at home, i the car, at the gym, in the elevator, underwater, up the roof…

fenou01 – Dapayk & Midnight – Emergency


Decisione – Armando Trovajoli

I’m sorry for non-speaking italian people that cannot fully appreciate the brilliant lyrics of this piece of music by the maestro Armando Travajoli, one of the pioneer of the “Commedia all’Italiana” genre.
It’s still possible to fully appreciate the loveliness and the musicality of it!

Decisione – Armando Trovajoli


Insanlar – Kime Ne

What can I say about this one? This is pure balkan/turkish/folklore joy. Ricardo Villalobos did a nice remix of this too, but the original is another story. The way it changes with the totally flipped out vocal at the 16th minute is an ode to making twisted music

Insanlar – Kime Ne


Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve & Klaus Schulze – Transfer Station Blue

An amazing song from Michel Shrive formally a Santana’s drummer.
This track has been made in 1984 taking place on the B side of “Transfer Station Blue” ep a fantastic piece of new wave electronic ambient spacey record. Perfect decompression track.

Michael Shrieve with Kevin Shrieve & Klaus Schulze – Transfer Station Blue (1984)


Art Of Noise – Moments in Love

An immense piece of music, this time from Art Of Noise. This version is not the original one, I really love it, slow sexy end elegant.

Art Of Noise – Moments in love (1984 Beaten)


Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness

Another of my fav one, this time from Kool and The Gang, not much to add to this one, just perfect, played million times and still amazing, this can be used as “Back to mine” record or also as the first record of the day, basically, it’s always a winner.

Kool & The Gang – Summer Madness


Electronic System – Skylab

Another fantastic one from 1974, this is an amazing 14 minutes of Abstract, experimental, modern pure joy, just perfect to chill when “Back at Mine”.

Electronic System – Skylab – 1974


Derrick Harriott – Whip It

A mandatory bit of dub and again a record from 1974. My personal favourite version is the Dub Whip version (staring on this youtube link at min 4:15).
Enjoy it!

Derrick Harriott – Whip It [Crystal 12'', 1974]

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