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1. Tim Paris – Unlike

This track is truly a never ending love affair. It just puts a smile on my face and my body moving whenever I hear it. The relaxed and yet groovy bassline… the wicked sounds and a build up that keeps me at it.

Tim Paris - Unlike

2. Paolo Conte – Via Con Me

Play this one to me on a mild summer night and I will probably pack a light bag and jump into the car to just drive southbound to a yet unknown destination. I love to be on the move and ‘Via Con Me’ definitly feeds my travel bug and I do not get tired of it.

Paolo Conte - Via Con Me

3. Jamie Woon – Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)

Jamie Woon’s early productions already got me interested, and this Refix is a nice enrichment, giving the floating sounds of Jamie’s original a contrast that stirs my excitment. Just like when I leave the house late night, to dive into the promising dark.

Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)

4. Nightmares on Wax – You Wish

A perfect loop. Could listen to this one probably for an hour nonstop, repeat one. To me it is a nice track to be played at the end of the last set of a night. It says goodbye with a faint smile and builds a bridge from the club lights to the first rays of sun, peacefully.

Nightmares on Wax - You Wish

5. Mando Diao – Dance With Somebody

This is not a background track. And even though it was in high rotation on the radio and TV, it still gives me the impulse to dance full out through my apartment. Also I usually don’t like to be told by the lyrics what to feel and do while listening to a track. I appreciate room for interpretation, but here the sounds are self- explanatory and the lyrics just accompany the obvious.

Mando Diao - Dance With Somebody

6. Rodriguez – Sugar Man

I actually love the whole ‘Cold Fact’ Album. But this track is special to me because it started my love affair with the theremin. I was amazed and irritated by it’s sound at the same time. Finally my boyfriend got me the there mini by moog for Christmas. With headphones:) A recommendation of the seller.

Sixto Rodriguez - Sugar Man

7. Timbaland & Magoo feat. Missy Elliot – Cop That Shit

This track happened before Hip Hop lost me. Timbaland & Magoo where my Heroes anyway and joining forces with Missy had to lead to this cheeky and surprising piece of groove & playful flow. It is also witness of a time period where people still bought 🙂

Timbaland & Magoo feat. Missy Elliot - Cop That Shit

8. Nina Simone – Feeling Good

I am in love with Nina Simone’s voice. From second one! …and I think this track needs no further explanation why it is, even though its popularity, one of my all time favourites.

Nina Simone Feeling Good

9. Anthony & the Johnsons – Swanlights

Weird sounds, effortlessly packed into a homogeneous production usually catches my attention easily. Also that the lyrics leave quite some room for interpretation, works for me. I love when just the form&and sounds paint already a picture and the vocals just add tiny details.

ANOHNI (as Antony and the Johnsons): Swanlights (official video)

10. Hair – Aquarius

Well my mum definitly injected me and my sister with some hippy spirit while we were kids. When I heared this track for the very first time, even without knowing the background story of the track, I got goosebumps when this warm and deep voice introduces itself with an incredible easiness after two (!!) minutes of instrumental ‘intro’. Usually musicals are not my thing, but this one hits me.


Juli Lee – Breaking Clouds (MYR)

The carefully curated MYR label looks to the talents of Swiss born artist Juli Lee for its next beautifully deep and mature EP. Juli was born in Bern and has a calming nature that she manages to translate to her music. Always full of modulated waveforms and spacious bass, her atmospheric house and techno has intricate details and has come on labels like Berlin’s Welldone! and the legendary King Street. In fine and expressive form here, she serves up two more of her always timeless tracks.
Opener ‘Cirrocumuli’ is a warm blend of succulent synths and detailed grooves, gripping the audience from the off. As the drums undulate, the chords rise and fall to the heavens and make for an emotional roller coaster that brings real musicality to club music. The superb second offering is deep and rolling house cut ’You Are Not Machines,’ which has focused percussive elements that infuse the track with genuine energy. A rousing spoken word snippet adds real weight as the warming chords and globular bass encourage you to groove. These are two tasteful and absorbing tunes from a real studio wizard.

Juli Lee – Breaking Clouds (MYR) Release: July 19th 2018 Cat. No. MYR 09