….at Club Magnus (Romana & On The House Records)

Back to Mine is bit more than a bunch of guys sitting around with a pipe in their hands and listening to Pink Floyd. It’s more like an underground club. My door here at Club Magnus has been open as a Brighton afterhours for over 2 decades now. So to pick 10 tracks that get played here, well, that a hard one! It’s all about dancing the night away here to new modern deep underground minimal tech. So, here it is a selection of trax and description of what goes down at Club Magnus.


Magnus Asberg – Life [Romana]

Romana Records is my own vinyl label so I put 001 on here We mainly dance away to new modern deep/underground/minimal/tech so new material gets tested hard here. 001
Has a Silverlining Remix & 002 got a Dudley Strangeways Remix so both these releases has been put to the test in front of a real after hours party crew.

Fumiya Tanaka – I Don’t Know Enough Continued [Perlon]

We love Perlon at Club Magnus! It’s deep, it’s tech, it’s quirky: it’s everything we need to get the party rolling for longer or to get it started. I could have put any Perlon release on here but this is one is one of my big favorites. Fumiya Tanaka is the best and this double 12” is super smashing. Love it…

Fumiya Tanaka – I Don't Know Enough Continued [PERL117-2]

Mariano Mateljan – Kladdkaka

This guy, Mariano Mateljan… his stuff is the bomb! All his productions have a serious groove and maintain the right blend between minimal and deep tech — perfect for Club Magnus.

Mariano Mateljan – Kladdkaka

Camelia – Burner (Arapu Remix) [FS001]

This Arapu remix is so dope but I could have gone for anything with Arapu on: he is on fire at the moment and so are all the the Romanians. Their style of music – deep trippy sounds – work well here for sure…

Camelia – Burner (Arapu Remix) [FS001]

C-Soul – Your Mind (Original Mix)

This is a bit older one from myself & Jimmy Day aka C-Soul, but the Viva Recordings label is a great label from Seattle. Indeed, they got a lot of good things going on at the moment – check their label out and their night, This Is! I have a release coming out soon called Revolution with these guys: big ups to the Viva Recordings crew!

C-Soul :: Your Mind Original Mix

Unknown – Track001B [Botanic Minds / BMSS006]

We do love it a bit of Ted Amber’s Botanic Minds – it always keeps the party going for a bit longer. Smooooove deep house with a hypnotic groove that never disappoints! Also, check out Alter Hour Records and parties; both top class.

Unknown – Track001B [Botanic Minds / BMSS006]


Dudley Strangeways – Keep It Clean [Ovum]

Artist and DJ Dudley Strangeways has built a solid reputation from a slew of stellar releases. A top guy and a fantastic producer, he has remixed Romana Records 002. Also check out his label Leftback Records – so many good releases on there. This video is one of his releases on Ovum but all his stuff is smashing.

Dudley Strangeways – Keep It Clean


Bang Bang – Susan Cries (Matt Prehn Remix)

Oh So Coy Recordings is a dope label from Matt Prehn: quality deep house all the way, nice deep vibes here and Matt Prehn is a super cool guy and a great producer I just did a remix for the label – defo worth keeping an eye/ear out for this label!

Susan Cries (Matt Prehn Remix)

Two Right Wrongans – Sorry Mate, You’ve Got the Wrong House

The Two Right Wrongans… what a special pair these two are. Love you guys!
You can’t go wrong with a bit of new or old Wiggle, Silverlining Dubs or a classic Sureal or Swag record at Club Magnus. Many friendships have been made at Club Magnus listening ,dancing away or just talking rubbish in the kitchen…!

Two Right Wrongans -Sorry Mate, You've Got the Wrong House

Matthew Herbert – Our Love (From San Francisco Mix) – 1997

Some deep house classic here Herbert and my old pal Charles Webster on the remix
Can’t go wrong with this we do play more modern stuff but this kind of stuff is just to good not get played when the party goes on for 2 to 3 days don’t normally have time to dig into all my old 7’s 12’s & 45’s I collected for over 4 decades but yea it happens…

Matthew Herbert – Our Love (From San Francisco Mix) – 1997

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