Fabio Della Torre’s Bosconi label has long been responsible for pushing serious heavyweight house jams. Yet whereas the label has featured a number of big hitters during its time, it also takes good pride in acting as a platform for emerging producers. Mechanical Man is one such person. As if a mini-LP on Bosconi isn’t enough of an endorsement, the below tracks should further help you make up your mind about a prolific producer we’re sure to be hearing much more from soon…



Some brilliant UK garage and dubstep from Arthur Smith aka Artwork. This guy keeps a pretty underground agenda but was especially popular in the early ‘00s. Great grooves and basslines: approach with caution!



Daniel Victor Snaith aka Caribou aka Daphni is an artist who always surprises me – and many others, of course. The bassline here is masterful, and it’s accompanied by devastating synths and grooves. He’s one of a kind, that’s for sure.



The king of techno. Juan Atkins as you’ll probably know is the man behind the Model 500 project, one that fuses Chicago house and Detroit techno like no other. A real pearl of a track, it’s hard to believe it’s from 1985! I mean I was 3 when this came out! But listening to it today shows how far ahead those guys were. A classic.

Model 500 – No UFO's (instrumental)



Paul Dolby aka SEIJI from the Bugz in the Attic collective is based in the UK, and he produces tunes with garage and dubstep influences. So raw and strong sounding and music that epitomises the dark skies of London.

Seiji — Yesman


HCCR – SUCK MY CLOCK (Sondos 2001)

Harry Choo Choo Romero from New York! Wow, I can’t describe how influential this stuff was to me during my youth especially. I first heard Francois K play it in Naples and it blew my mind. An obscure and dark track that’s perfect for the afters!

Seiji 1 Yesman .m4v


DAFT PUNK – REVOLUTION 909 (Virgin 1996)

It’s fair to say these guys have left an impressive mark on electronic music! A source of inspiration for countless DJs and producers, while it’s hard to pick one track from them I’m going to settle on this one. An absolute bomb that’s always in my bag.

Daft Punk – Revolution 909 (Official audio)



A track that really showcases his musicality, Hawtin revises the “Minus” key of Yello’s “Oh Yeah” here and captures the main loop before transforming it as only he can. Simple – but very effective.

Richie Hawtin – Minus Yellow (Original Orange mix) – Minus Yellow EP – M_nus ‎– YELLOW


VITALIC – PONEY PART 1 (Gigolo Rec. 2001)

Pascal Arbez Nicolas aka Vitalic represents the French electro scene with esteem. I haven’t heard much from him recently, but this one is an absolute bomb that gives me shivers all over. Indeed, DJ Hell felt the same and licensed it to his International Deejay Gigolo label.

vitalic – poney part 1


MR. OIZO – POSITIF (Ed Banger 2008)

Vive la France!! The French really ran the 00s I guess! In other parts of Europe minimal was in vogue but in Paris back then they fused rock and techno with distinction. An exciting time, that’s for sure. This one’s just immense. A massive track.

Mr OIZO – Positif



Little Louie Vega & Kenny Dope Gonzales’ Kenlou project released this pearl of a record that will go down in the history of house music. Still very popular today and still played by everyone. What more can you say? You just have to dance!

Kenlou – The Bounce


Mechanical Man’s Mechanical Soul is out soon on Bosconi