1. Grandbrothers – Ezra Was Right

A sunny walk through the park is what makes this all feel great, ain´t it?

Grandbrothers – Ezra was Right


2. Gabriel Garzón- Montano – Keep On Running

The video sums up where we as a society are and how we run our lives. Sometimes running is the only escape. As the song states.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano – 'Keep On Running' (Official Video)


3. MorMor – Heaven´s Only Wishful ( Extended Version)

So much tearing apart in his voice. Lovin how it itches. Great easy-going.

MorMor- Heaven's Only Wishful


4. Robot Koch – Atari You (feat. RQM)

This is like being in a maze without knowing the exit. Bring the game. Atari it is.

Atari You (feat. RQM)


5. Agoria Feat. Scalde – For One Hour

Agoria always catches the private side of loneliness -if that makes sense- and releases it into spheres where we find ourself asking: How long have I been free?

Agoria Feat. Scalde – For One Hour (Original Mix)


6. Parcels – Gamesofluck

This is vibing so lovely that we can´t stop shaking. Loving every drip and drop of it. Always sunny, always mellow.

Parcels ~ Gamesofluck


7. Gemini Rising – Best Case Life

Thank you world, that Gemini Rising popped up to wipe away the desire. Always good to fall in love with this song or get lost anywhere.

GEMINI RISING – Best Case Life


8. Jorkes – Mindemania

No words needed 😉

Jorkes – Mindemania (Original Mix)


9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Necessary Evil

Interesting point there: Do we need necessary evil? Anyway, the song lets you just groove away. Sail away.


10.  White Town – Your Woman 1917

The epicness of this speaks for its own. We love role-changing and roleplaying. Yes, like sometimes hits hard, but the easiness is what keeps us going and fuels up. Hearts up!

White Town – Your Woman 1917


Yubik – Metallica (Freeride Millenium)

Yubik are Maximilian Hacker and Michael Miethig, who together have appeared on Stil Vor Talent and Radikon compilations. Maximilian is the one-half of Jorkes, while Michael is the other half of Innellea, and under their old Hacker & Miethig alias they also released on labels like Einmusika. They bring a host of raw, danceable sounds from multiple genres to their music and continue to explore new ground on this storytelling EP.
Enthralling opener ‘Trance Tunnel’ gets you into the zone with scintillating synths rippling over smooth, rolling drums. It’s a cosmic tinged cut that journeys into outer space on withering sci-fi pads. One finger notes keep the tension building and a rumbling bassline adds weight to the groove creating real impact.
The masterful ‘Metallica’ is another cavernous deep space cut with slow burning drums and synths sinking you into a trance as spooky chords and subtle tension builds in the pads. It’s widescreen, cinematic music to cast a spell on the dance floor.
Last of all, the pair link with Chakataka for ‘Fall From Heights’, another brilliantly atmospheric affair that is big and open and pulls you right in with subtle synth lines and delicate hi hats, sweeping chords and pensive bass.

Yubik – Metallica (Freeride Millenium) Release: 20th December 2018 Cat No: FM010