A personal collection for after hours grooving

With his new ‘Bring on The Night EP’ with Sasha released, our new favourite Canadian James Teej takes us through his post club cocktail collection.

“In no particular order, these are some of my favorite tracks that often get played or youtubed late night over some post club cocktails…”

1. Take Me Into Your Skin – Trentemoller – Pokerflat
Amazingly haunting deep track from one of my biggest inspirations. This track is a work of aural art, plain and simple.
2. Paradise Circus – Massive Attack – Virgin
A new fave of mine from MA’s new album. I’ve been a fan of their music for a very long time and this track lives up.

3. Baby Bitch – Ween – Elektra
Ween is another band that I really dig, and this track reminds me of nights when I lived out in the Rocky mountains. The melodies are so simple, but the lyrics and vocal melody are just straight up crazy.

4. Bat For Lashes – What’s A Girl To Do? – Ministry of Sound Chillout
There’s something with the video for this that just hooked me when I first saw/heard it… Whenever I hear or play this I end up thinking of Donnie Darko.

5. Warren G ft. Nate Dogg “Regulate” – Island Records
G funk at its absolute best. “16 and the clip and one in the hole, Nate Dogg is about to make some bodies turn cold, now they droppin and yellin, its a tad bit late, Nate Dogg and Warren G had to regulate”… absolute classic stuff!!

6. Trentemoller “Moan” (radio slave remix) – Pokerflat
One of my favorite of Slave’s remixes, a fusion of two of my fave artists. This is just a straight up classic for me.

7. Romanthony “Wanderer” (“dixon edit”) – Innervisions
A classic redux of of an already great track. I’ve been a huge fan of Romanthony’s music since I first started DJing, and really dig Dixon’s reedits

8. Boards of Canada “In A Beautiful Place Out In The Country – Warp
One of my favorite Boards of Canada songs. This is the ultimate after party trip

9. Mathew Jonson “Marionette” – Wagon Repair
This is my favorite Mathew Jonson track, and brings back great memories of some amazing late nights in my first Toronto loft/studio space.

10. dOP “I’m Just A Man” – Eklo
This track is pure genious. Stripped down, sick vocals, great instrumentation, big ups Paris’ fines

Sasha & James Teej – Night Track (Original Mix)

Sasha’s Last Night on Earth imprint returns this March with the Bring on The Night’ collaboration between the man himself and James Teej, backed with a remix from the irrepressible M.A.N.D.Y.