Sorcerer – Tangerine Dream 

In my opinion, “Sorcerer” is William Friedkin’s best movie. And Tangerine Dream’s soundtrack matches perfectly.  I was totally mesmerized when I saw it for the first time. I also like Tangerine Dream’s work for Michael Mann’s “Thief” and “The Keep » or “Miracle Mile” by Steve de Jarnatt.

Betrayal – Tangerine Dream – Sorcerer Soundtrack

Palmbomen II – Palmbomen II

A great album with X-Files character’s names for each track title. Love the sound and the melancholic vibes. Also love the videos, it reminds me of Twin Peaks or Michael Haneke movies sometimes. 

Palmbomen II – John Lee Roche [Official Video]

L’Homme à tête de chou – Serge Gainsbourg

Such a rich album, recorded in a few days. It’s a concept album where he relates his fictive tragic love story with Marilou. The final track is a mental and beautiful ending. 

Essential – Soulwax

Deewee is a label based in Ghent, Belgium. Founded by the Dewaele Brothers, also known as Soulwax or 2 Many DJ’s.  Last year they made this brilliant dance record, minimalist and super well-produced. The other artists of the label are great too, I particularly like Asa Moto and Philippi & Rodrigo.

Soulwax – Essential Two

Music for 18 Musicians – Steve Reich

My favorite record so far. All the pieces fit together. I’ve the same feeling every time I listen to it. 

Steve Reich – Music for 18 Musicians (1978) ► Pulses

Batman – Prince

Hard to choose one Prince’s album. I pick this one ‘cause I’ve always liked the parallel between Joker’s character and him (go check the awesome Batdance videoclip).

Présence Humaine – Michel Houellebecq

A great album from a great French label, Tricatel, founded by Bertrand Burgalat. My favourite is Présence Humaine. I also like Chassol’s work or « Valérie Lemercier Chante ».

Michel Houellebecq – Présence Humaine

Barry Lyndon Original Soundtrack

My favourite Kubrick movie. The soundtrack gathers Irish folklore and classical music from the 17th and 18th century. Heartbreaking.

Schubert – Film Adaptation Of Piano Trio In E-Flat, Op. 100 | Barry Lyndon OST (1975)

1990 – Daniel Johnston

Daniel Johnston wrote hundreds of the most beautiful songs in pop history. “1990” contains some. But his all discography is a gold mine. There is a great documentary about him and his story called “The Devil and Daniel Johnston ».  

Spirit World Rising

Odelay – Beck

Beck’s masterpiece. Many samples, pieces put together in a giant puzzle. His grand-father Al Hansen was a member of Fluxus and an artistic mentor for him. One of my favorite album when I was a teenager. 3 years after Odelay, Beck followed the same method to make another great album called “Midnite Vultures”.

Azur – 2 EP (Partyfine)

French producer and drummer Antoine Pouilly makes elegant electronic music where a keen sense of melody, a touch of melancholy and the zest of exoticism all coalesce into fresh grooves. This 2nd EP on the label is more direct and influenced by the grey wave of New Hollywood, with elements of acid and a raw aesthetic. Opener ‘Debbies’ is a strobe lit cut with laser like synths and supersized hi hats. Rugged bass and acid twitches get layered up over a libidinous vocal and make for a track that is both intense yet soulful. The fantastic ‘Needle Park’ is a mid tempo acid chugger with ghoulish effects and mechanical drums all making for something perfectly suited to a dark and intimate club. ‘Pluie Acide’ is a brilliantly jacking acid assault, with cowbells and rasping bass and 303s firing off in all directions to make for something edgy and bristling. Last of all, the cosmic and uplifting ‘Hundred and Five’ slows things down but is just as rugged and raw, with arpeggiated synths but more of those diffuse female vocals adding a softer human element.

Release: 4th July 2019 Azur – 2 EP (Partyfine) Cat No: FINE055EP