Hall & Oates – Unguarded Minute

Seen as we aren’t talking dance music for this list I will kick it off with this absolute heater. The whole album is gold but this one in particular has some serious sass for after party vibin’. No more needs to be said.

DJ Spanish Fly – Smoking Onion

A couple of my mates are big into this Memphis hip-hop sound, was hard to choose between something Three 6 Mafia or this. This particular track was actually shown to me at an after party (shouts to Jimmy D). Don’t know if it’s the chug of the beat or the repeated calls of ‘Smokin’ Onion’ but this track just has it for me, real g stuff.

Dj Spanish Fly-Smoking Onion

Unlimited Four – True Love Is Hard To Find (I Believe In You)

Lesser known Northern Soul vibes here, real strong vocals and something you’ll find yourself belting out at an afters once you know the words. This is the perfect vibe for when the crew is thinning out and the sun is peeking through the curtains, and the last few after party warriors are still in situ.

Unlimited Four – True Love Is Hard To Find (I Believe In You).wmv

J Hus – Must Be

The next few tracks I want to delve into real UK culture and its music that gets the wheel ups at an afters. If we are talking present day, it has to be something J Hus, guaranteed vibes – this one is probably the most recently released track on the list but the backing orchestral pieces and live instruments elevate it above most music in this genre. J Hus is proof you can get away with saying simple bars and things that don’t even really make sense if you say them with enough conviction. Also recently heard some hilarious mispronunciation of the lyrics which has meant the track has been rattling around my head.

J Hus – Must Be (Official Audio)

Skepta & Wiley – Are You Ready?

Vintage / classic / golden era grime here from two of the UK’s grime scene icons Skepta and Wiley. Everything you want in a grime track, clever lyrics, slick flows and the fruitiest fruity loops beat you’ve ever heard.

The Square – Lewisham Mcdeez

Gunfingers and wheel ups are guaranteed when you lock into the quick 16’s from south London crew ‘The Square’. Another example of fairly recent music, this one really has the essence of old school grime: beats than sound like they were crafted from N64 samples and playful bars. This one rounds off the section of the afters consisting of Grime / UK Rap music. 

The Square – Lewisham McDeez – No Hats No Hoods Records

Jodeci – My Heart Belongs To You

Now, this is one for the ladies, smooth and saucy slow jam from R&B super-group Jodeci. Just enough cheese to make this a real guilty pleasure. If we are talking ‘back to mine’ this might be a track you light some candles too if you’re having an after-party for two (if you know what I mean). Fella’s take note. Also doubles as a great karaoke track if you’ve got the vocals for it.

Jodeci – My Heart Belongs To You

New Order – World In Motion

I remember quite a few after parties around the 2018 World Cup when this was getting wheeled up every 5 minutes. Absolute English cult classic that I will never get bored of hearing, and I’m sure will remain timeless as every time a football tournament comes around people gravitate towards this.

New Order – World In Motion (Official Music Video)

The Stone Roses – I Am the Resurrection

Many of my early experiences of after parties were in Manchester, a city that has had a big influence on me from afar. For that reason, I’ve got to include something from these guys, what more can you say about this track – 8 minutes of pure euphoria. Perfectly fitting for after party singing and sofa vibing. One of my favourite songs full stop.

The Stone Roses – I Am the Resurrection (Audio)

Radiohead – Idioteque

Weird but I’m going to end on this piece of dystopian, chilling but beautiful music from Radiohead. Was first introduced to this on the Berghain dancefloor when my guy Cleric played this as his closing track after 4 hours of slamming techno. Seeing a packed club getting real emotional with each other under the smoky red dance floor lights, with Thom Yorke’s twisted vocals blaring was a moment I’ll never forget. The first thing I asked him afterwards was the ID on that last track, needless to say I always whip this one out when the after gets a bit late in the day and everyone gets emotional.  

Habgud – Hope That Kills (B.A.B.E)

Based in Nottingham, Habgud makes music with a strong visual aesthetic, created in tandem with friends and family. His music has so far come on labels like EarToGround and gained praise from high profile artists including Marcel Dettmann, Rodhad and Dax J, whilst as a DJ he’s been resident at northern techno powerhouses such as Grey Area and Selective Hearing. “This is music made for sweaty ravers and dance floor connoisseurs alike,” says Habgud. “Four tracks made for those who arrive early and stay until close, for people who burn the candle at both ends.” First up is ‘X-Light’, a searing track with speedy drums urging you into a groove as industrial synths loop over the top. It is uncompromising and darkly atmospheric. The excellent ‘Unrequited’ is another edgy offering with unrelenting kick drums lurching beneath dramatic synths that take you right to the heart of a strobe lit dance floor at 5 am. The pressure keeps up with ‘A Moment of Clarity’ which is a more trance-inducing tune thanks to the heavenly pads that light up the skies above more serrated drums and percussive patterns. Last of all, ‘False Alarm’ is a paranoid cut with distant groaning pads, rattling techno kicks and a very real sense that you are trapped in some decaying urban wasteland. Habgud ‘Hope That Kills’ drops on B.A.B.E on 6th April 2020.

Habgud – Hope That Kills (B.A.B.E) Release: 6th April 2020 Cat No: BABE001 Format: Vinyl