1. Limited Edition – The Light – Original Mix (Bonzai Basiks)

Although this track was released in the nineties, I discovered it recently and it was breathtaking! I’ve been playing it in all my sets ever since.

Limited Edition – The Light – Original Mix (Bonzai Basiks)

2. Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda — Clarity [CRC-02]

Harvey Sutherland is probably one of the most talented producers of recent years. His grooves and harmonies are perfect!

Harvey Sutherland and Bermuda — Clarity [CRC-02]

3. DJ Jenifa – Dresscode

DJ Jenifa is the Gold Panda’s side-project, a producer who has always influenced my music a lot. I like the way he produces his songs, it’s always very unexpected.

4. CZ Wang and Neo Image – Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth)

Also a recent discovery, the lyrics and flow are simple but very effective. Less is more!

CZ Wang and Neo Image – Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth)

5. Ross From Friends – ‘Epiphany’ (Official Video)

Ross From Friends is an important producer of the current house/electro scene, he has a unique way of building his tracks and it’s often very catchy.

Ross From Friends – 'Epiphany' (Official Video)

6. John Talabot – Voices

Classic! John Talabot hasn’t released much music but he’s got gold in his hands.

John Talabot – Voices

7. Palms Trax – Equation

Another classic! This is probably one of the first song I played when I’ve started playing DJ sets a few years ago and I still play it a lot.

Palms Trax – Equation

8. Skee Mask – Flyby VFR

When I listen to music, I always try to understand how the song is produced and textured. Skee Mask is a puzzle to me. I’d like to spend a day in the studio with him to observe his way of producing music !

Skee Mask – Flyby VFR

9. Lone – Blue Moon Tree

This track and more generally Lone’s discography can often be found in my sets or radio shows. It’s a sure bet.

Lone – Blue Moon Tree

Floating Points – LesAlpx (Official Audio)

I wanted to end this selection with the most interesting producer of recent years: Floating Points. It’s inspiring to see how he has explored several musical genres (jazz, house, techno/electro) in the last few years and has always been successful. His last album is and will remain a reference!

Floating Points – LesAlpx (Official Audio)

Haring – Blurred (City Tracks)

This Belgian producer has a wide musical universe that has seen him connect electronic matter with organic substances over the last five years. Bewitching melodies, dreamy rhythms and minimal techno all feed into his productions and DJ sets, which have led to residencies at Kiosk Radio and Pure FM. Blurred is the artist’s second full length and it pans out like an absorbing story as it explores new themes by transforming personal reflections about daily life into music. He says, “I’d been making music on the road for years. For concerts but also for my personal travels. For the first time, I wanted to give myself an unlimited amount of time here in Brussels without travelling or playing gigs. I wanted to see what it was like to talk about my daily life, my city, my relationships, my neighbourhood,… I think I managed to convey all these emotions in this record and to push back the boundaries of what I could produce.” The stunning results undoubtedly represent a stylistic advancement from his previous work.
The journey kicks off with the dramatic ambiance of ‘Ensemble’ before sinking into a slow and purposeful, sombre and heavy groove on ‘Meanings’ and then uplifting your mood with the gorgeous celestial melodies and lighter drums of ‘Exhale.’ Marc Melià’s vocoder voice then features on the wistful ‘Eternity’ and ‘Curves’ suspends you in glassy sounds and lush pads that make for a rather unsettling interlude before Gabriel Stebbing’s (aka Night Works) vocals and old crackling piano add incredible character to ‘Disappearing.’ There is pure drama in the emotional and epic melodic techno of ‘Community’, a sense of joy and freedom in the house bounce of ‘Rare Moments’ and plenty of time for introspection on the moving ‘No Shadow Without Light.’ After the doleful harmonies and wall of melody that is ‘Shimmer’ two bonus versions of ‘Disappearing’ close out this most enthralling and emotional record.

Out now… Haring – Blurred (City Tracks) CTS00