“I’m not particularly keen on “top 10″ lists per se, as moods change with the world around us. So I’m picking 10 records that are currently top of mind when it comes to home listening, though some of these would certainly fit into all-time favorites status.”

1. Brian Eno – Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

I was late to the game but so happy to be playing, when it comes to this era of Eno. Playing the record through is euphoric & therapeutic for me. The locked groove at the end of Side A was sampled by Andrew Weatherall for Primal Scream’s Screamadelica.

Eno – Burning Airlines Give You So Much More (1974)

2. Squarepusher – Burningn’ n Tree

Not my favorite SP record, nor his best, but I love it and recently picked up a copy. His newest record is his best in my opinion, but this one is excellent. Jazz and dub and unbelievable drum machine workouts, considering how much effort it must have taken to program this stuff. 

Burningn'n Tree – Squarepusher (full album)

3. Neil Young – After the Gold Rush

Both of my parents are big Neil Young fans and I have fond memories of growing up with his music. Maybe 10 years ago I discovered the Saint Etienne cover, and after that the Andrew Weatherall mix (no apologies for mentioning again!). All of these are masterpieces. 

Neil Young-Only Love Can Break Your Heart
Only Love Can Break Your Heart – Saint Etienne

4. DJ Guy – Concentric Rhythms 

I had a tough time picking a DJ Guy record, but this’ll do just fine. I found him after some friends in Detroit (Crisis Urbana) put out a tape by him, and it seems I wasn’t the only one, because he’s been putting out tons of records, including this on the always good Hypercolour.

DJ Guy – Fresh Horizons (Hypercolour)

5. Future Sound of London – Lifeforms

Hard to pick between this and Lifeforms, but both were HUGE for me in the 90s when I was getting into electronic music. Listening to this is my going to church.

Future Sound of London – Glass [NO QUAGMIRE]

6. Bill Converse – The Shape of Things to Come

Abosolute fucking bliss. How do you make paint-peeling acid sound so soothing? 

7. Autechre – Amber

The ultimate LSD comedown album of my formative years. Just as good for this now, if you’re wondering.

Autechre – Amber (Full Album)

8. Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters

The jam. Blew my mind when I was 17. Come over and let’s listen together. 

9. Trans Am – Surrender to the Night

I was pretty into this when it came out, and just recently remembered it existed. I don’t know anything else quite like it. I was going to put Tortoise – TNT in this slot—and it is probably higher on my list—but I don’t have that record. Both these albums live in a corner of my mind from an era when I was young and having my mind consistently blown finding new music, more often than any time since. 

Surrender to the Night

10. Phish – Junta

Sorry everyone, but not sorry at all. I’ve been into psychedelic music ever since I started developing my own taste, and this was one of those early ones. Their best album for me. After not being into them for 20 years due to their often-annoying fanbase turning me off, I found my old tapes at my dad’s house. Now I’m unapologetically back into them; I’ve even converted some friends 😛

Heckadecimal – Critters (Kajunga)

Titled ‘Critters’, the EP from Heckadecimal sees the Always Human Tapes co-founder explore dissonant tones, warped acid and electro aesthetics throughout. Whether it’s the dense sound design and resonant leads of opener, ‘Bat Silk Stunt’, the creeping discordance of ‘D’etre’ or the more contemplative, wistful tones of ’The Luminous Flesh of Giants’ each track here is refreshingly non-standard dancefloor gear and all the better for it. Even when cracking the tried and tested 303 out, the mid-west producer confidently pushes it beyond what we’re used to.

Out now… Heckadecimal – Critters (Kajunga) 2020 Cat No: KAJUNGA007