Vladislav Delay – Multila

Multila is quite an inspiring album. It is deeply layered, textured and it was released at the dawn of the century (2000).

Vladislav Delay – Ranta

John Tavener – Funeral Canticle

This song is found in the film The Tree of Life, but it is not found on the soundtrack. This song is utterly beautiful and so is the film.

Tavener: Funeral Canticle (Excerpt) – OST. The Tree Of Life

Stimming – November Morning (Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version)

Here is a really beautiful orchestral adaptation of an electronic track by Stimming. There is also a video that can be found online documenting Stimming and how this version was made. I love the original as well, but this version has seduced me.

Stimming – November Morning (Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version)

Actress – Splazsh

Amazing album. I was listening to this during downtime from studying just when I began going to University.

Murcof – Utopía

It has been a while since I have listened to this again, but it has always occupied a memorable space on my shelf. It is a truly visionary album.

Vessel – Order of Noise

I’ve given this album so many listens and it never ceases to captivate me. My friends and I have had some crazy times with this one.

Vessel – Images of Bodies – Order of Noise LP- Tri Angle

SD Laika – That’s Harakiri

The link is actually two tracks from this album, “Peace” followed by “You Were Wrong”. 

SD Laika – You Were Wrong

ARKVS – Nonviolence

When I first listened to this track I immediately knew that it would stick with me. The sound design and composition are of a high quality.

ARKVS – Nonviolence [PRRUKBLK025]

Recondite – Cleric

I’d be lying to myself if this track weren’t on this list. I remember being on exchange in Japan when a friend introduced it to me.

Recondite – Cleric – EC10 EP (Dystopian003)


This album is quite expansive and evocative. It is great for a deep listening session. 

Sa Pa – Adelaide [FORUM IV]

John Varuhin – Bunker (Clyde Records)

Canadian John Varuhin serves up the second tasteful EP on Clyde Records, a sublime minimal techno affair across 4 standout tracks. This Vancouver artist is a techno DJ and producer who has also played a purely digital live set in the past. He has a clean, crisp style that comes back from the future and is rich in hi fidelity details that make it truly cinematic. Opener ‘Bunker’ is a spacious track with gooey kick drums rolling deep as slithers of synth and tiny metallic sounds glint and glisten up top. It’s perfectlytranscendental, while the excellent ‘Retribution’ picks up the pace with a sense of silky techno urgency. The unsettling sound of distant automation and darkened synths recall the best of Motor City techno and ensure this one will have the floor locked in.The expertly designed ‘Rainy Day’ is pure minimalism, with icy hi hats and scuttling little details sure to find favour with fans of Robert Hood. Hugely atmospheric and absorbing, it’s the sort of deep and late night track that’s designed for intimate club rooms. Last of all, ‘Detached Screen’ is another deeprolling, perfectly elongated groove design to melt your mind and trap you in the beautiful repetition.

John Varuhin – Bunker (Clyde Records) Release: 2nd May 2019 Cat No: CLYDE002 Format: vinyl, digital