Back to Mine with Keedo

As far as musicians from the BritishBlack Music scene go, there are very few that can cite an iconic and diverse list of names that include Akala, Ms Dynamite, Ghetts, JME and Wiley as collaborators, but for South London resident Keedo, it is a mere insight to his talented and fruitful journey through music. Being submerged in the very heart of the UK rap, striking old school elements in filtrate his sound and set the tone for his musical style. Drawing on traditional lyricism and moving with a contemporary flow, it seems Keedo has been waiting in the wings, gaining the power and knowledge from his peers to allow for a thunderous launch of his own. Releasing new single‘Respeck Me’, which was premiered on radio by Sir Spyro on BBC Radio 1Xtraand has since been scooped up by Rap scene gatekeeper Kenny Allstar, Keedo explains, “After years of waiting to get to a place where I feel as focused as I’ve ever felt, it’s time for people to notice me. It’s time that I show the world they should Respeck Me.” And here he presents DMCWORLD with a very special Back To Mine 10…

“There’s many more I could have chosen but we’d be here all day, I’ve wrecked my brain cos I feel guilty leaving some out – but it’s been fun…!”


Kanye West – Spaceship

This track was on his first album ‘College Dropout’ which is one of my favourite albums and the words of the chorus always stuck with me. So much that in 2006 I released a track entitled ‘Real Talk’ where I reference the chorus in my track. You can find that on my Spotify page (Shameless plug LOL).

Jay-Z – Never Change

Another favourite track off of one of my favourite albums ever ‘Blueprint’. I think the way he approaches it over the beat made me always want to make soul styled sample beats. It’s amazing!

Jay-Z - Never Change

Smokey Robinson – Much Better Off

I am not a singer but if I could sing this would be my song. It’s Motown at its finest.

Smokey Robinson & The Miracles - Much Better Off

Beres Hammond – There for You

This tune reminds me of a Sunday at my mum’s house. It’s a Reggae favourite of mine and I find myself still playing it all the time. The writing is incredible and I’ve found it very relatable.

Beres Hammond There For You

D Double E – Frontline

This is totally different to anything else on this list but is equally important. I started off as a grime MC and this tune always got me hyped and, in the mood, to write bars or shutdown a set lol. Definitely D Double at his finest.

D Double E - Frontline Lyric Video

Bob Marley/Lauryn Hill – Turn Your Lights Down Low

This is a tune that always helps me when I’m in a certain mood. It reminds me of when I was younger and in holiday in Barbados, it was on the radio pretty much every day. An amazing collaboration from 2 legends.

BOB MARLEY FEAT LAURYN HILL "Turn your lights down low"

Whitney Houston – Your Love Is My Love

As a songwriter you have to appreciate the writing on this song as it’s incredible. I think Wyclef produced it and the backing track fits the vocals perfectly.

Whitney Houston - My Love Is Your Love (Official Video)

Swiss – Cry

Growing up I was a massive So Solid fan so I always looked out for their music. I always remembered Swiss being a DJ so when he came out with this track, I was mind blown! The approach, subject and tone were all on point and it’s still one of them instrumentals that I’d love to freestyle on myself if I ever could.

Drake – Sandra’s Rose

I couldn’t complete this list without putting in a Drake tune. He’s deffo one of my favourite artists and one of my biggest inspirations so to be fair I could have chosen many of tracks. This is one of his more lyrical approaches to a track and shows you his skill set which always helps me when I’m in the mood to be lyrical.

Slick Rick – Memories

I love Slick Rick and this tune just epitomises who he is as an artist. He’s so detailed with his storytelling and as an artist I think you need to have that in your locker personally. If you don’t, then please listen to this and I’m sure it’ll influence you to step your storytelling game up lol.

Slick Rick - Memories