Back To Mine with Keith Tucker (Optic Nerve)

Big Fun – Inner City

Classic in all clubs house and techno, this track up lifts as only some of the originators can.
The Strings are spiritual and classical which gives your mix a sense of grandeur that something intense is about to happen.

Knights of The Jaguar  – DJ Rolando

Worldwide phenomenon this track has to be played at the height and eclipse of the party nights of the jaguar actually shows what mixing different sorts of cultures can create beautiful and timeless music.

The Aztec Mystic - Knights of the Jaguar

The Bells  – Jeff Mills

The bells… Mr. Mills takes you to that tribal side with the bells it’s ritualistic like a cult following there mentor. You cant help but fall in line and dance.

Shari Vari  – A Number of Names

Detroit created a monster cult classic with this one shari vari makes you feel like you are the coolest dude in the club dancing with the vocals of this classic a must play to end the night.

Sharivari 2013 (Aux 88 Digital Mix) feat. A Number of Names

Direct Drive  – Aux88

Aux88 classics invoke you to dance it makes every woman feel like she is the sexiest thing on the dance floor. Woman love electro a great mixture for those who play only techno put it in the mix and watch the crowd go nuts, especially the ladies.

Los Hermanos – In Deeper Presence

This is a monster gem the strings are MASSIVE, This track makes everyone look at the DJ with the look of what is that. …Play it you won’t be disappointed, I’ve pulled this track out at every big event… killer.

In Deeper Presence

Good Life  – Inner City (Magic Juan 12 mix)

The perfect combo of house and Detroit techno this song has been re mixed so many time but every mix still invokes the same love and feeling. A masterpiece for dance music that never disappoints no matter how old u are.

Inner City - Good Life (Magic Juan's 12 mix) (HQ)

Frequency 7  – Virsage (Dance Mix)

This is what electronic dance should be dark and ferocious… Don’t get that twisted the difference here is THIS IS FUNKY in a Funkadelic sort of way the error of these tracks were ground breaking play it watch what happens.

Visage : Frequency 7 (dance mix) 12"EP (Vinyl)

French Kiss  – Little Louis

Another world dominating track that was played universally so simplistic but so melodic to your ear. Little louis made you feel like you were in a hi society club with special permission to get it.

Lil Louis - French Kiss (The Original Underground Mix)

Dangerous Liasions  – Peut Etre… Pas

Those drums so tight and punchy with that electronic Kraftwerk feel of the 80s. This fat track invades your mix with anything 4/4 and electro.

Liaisons Dangereuses - Peut Etre...Pas

Optic Nerve – Far Away (Soma Records)

Soma Records celebrate their 600th release with an EP from Keith Tucker aka Optic Nerve

Soma proudly presents a label debut from one of electronic music’s most influential figures, Keith Tucker aka Optic Nerve. With a detailed discography on some of Techno & Electro’s most well-respected labels, stretching back to the 80s & 90s either via solo projects or as part of genre-defining group AUX 88, Tucker has been at the forefront of the Detroit scene since his beginnings. Considered by many to be the blueprint for modern-day Techno/Electro Tucker is one of the scene’s most hard-working artists devoting almost 30 years to his career as an electronic artist. Appearing on Soma sub label, Avoidant, at the end of 2020 as DJ K-1, the opportunity to continue working together with his Optic Nerve pseudonym arose. Resulting in Soma’s 600th release, the Far Away EP. Combined with Scottish based artist Kyle Irvine’s unique Sci-Fi based artwork, Tucker has delivered a unique and modern-day outlook on his famed Detroit Techno/Electro sound. Title track Far Away is a classic take on the seminal Detroit sound. Distant and drifting vocals glide across sweeping textures and tripped out synth sequences, glued together by deep emotive strings. Channel Z captures the classic Optic Nerve sound perfectly; pure machine funk soaked in harmonic atmospheres. The ominous Techno Programming has a darker, edgier tone to the previous tracks but by no means less emotive. A funked-up, warped baseline sets the tone backed by jacked-up drums as the track exudes pure attitude. Fellow Detroit based artist Strand drops a remix of Techno Programming to close out the EP. Their version leans on more melancholic elements but retains the feel and demeanour of the original.

Out now via Beatport and 19th February via Bandcamp

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