Back To Mine with Miles Atmospheric

Raw Silk – Just In Time And Space [Dub] – West End Records

Weird elongated otherworldly intro leading to one of the most feel good positive slices of funk. Could listen to the groove all day long, the funkiest bass, mad keys & mind-blowing piano to compliment… Play then repeat until you drop!

Raw Silk - Just In Time And Space (Dub) CLASSIC DISCO/FUNK !

Manu Dibango – Soul Makossa [Full Album]

Possibly the first ever disco record? Next level African sounds from the 70’s. Been on rotation for years, that spirit of Rumba, amazing jazz sounds, lo-fi recording techniques, an aural treat from an African pioneer!

Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa (Full Album)

Electribe 101 – You’re Walking [Corporate Def Mix]

Difficult to put into words the profound effect of this group on my musical tastes as a youngster. Only one album released, but it resonated and was a launch pad to delve into discovering US styles and electronic music from all over the world. Billie Ray Martins powerful succinct voice led the diva charge at a time of potent musical change in the UK. I still have the Electribal memories album playing around the house in downtime and after hours. 

Electribe 101 - You're Walking (Corporate Def Mix)

Don Carlos – Alone Paradise – Irma Records

Early Italian deep house at its finest. A go to record for me, anytime, full of positivity and funk, brings a tear to my eye, in a good way. Armchair and a coffee or sunrise shuffle in front of speakers, either way, you won’t forget it!

Don Carlos - Alone

Kirk Degiorgio presents As One – 21st Century Soul – Ubiquity

One of Kirk’s many albums that I consider historical markers, completely unlike anything else out there, a soul and class of its own. From a man who’s musical projects are akin to a voyage to Pluto and back. 
I’m proud to have released music on his label ART and consider him a friend. His wife Catherine is an old friend of mine and together they are also creating new musical milestones. Grown up with Kirk’s musical output and projects but this one i
Fondly play in all manner of environments.
Here’s ‘Like no other’…

As One - Like No Other

Rocksteady! [Volume 1] The Roots Of Reggae – Jamaican Music Compilation

Wobbly feel good vibes. Out of Ska music was born Rocksteady, rolling out its sounds that became reggae. Anytime, any place. Delays, reverb and a raw energy. It’s a great example of early roots. I listen to a lot of dub at home. Experimental mixing desk quirkiness and spontaneity, such a great sound.

Rocksteady! (Volume 1) The Roots Of Reggae - Jamaican Music Compilation

Larry Heard – Ice Castles – Mecca

It all started to fall deeper for me with Larry Heard amongst others. From the varied wide range of music I listened to, the stripped wonderful simplicity of sounds by Larry offered up a feeling of innocence and otherworldliness. I have pretty much all his work, ‘Ice Castles’ was given to me by my older brother, who was always passing on really left field music as a youngster… It has the ability to put the listener into a state of bliss, almost stasis. 

Larry Heard - Ice Castles (1998) [Full Album]

Electribe 101 – Lipstick On My Lover [The John Peel Session]

Second entry from Electribe 101 here. This version just goes on and on, been a soundtrack to so many moments.. From an old tape I had where I spliced 3 copies together along with an overdub to create a monster journey over 25 mins long, as a youth! Later on, many post gig journeys home as well as downtime and one that keeps me focused when my heads in chaos! First heard this on a tape on a rainy train journey back from an afternoon digging records in Soho – London as a teenager. 

Electribe 101 - Lipstick On My Lover (The John Peel Session)

Amir Baghiri – Galileo’s Dream – [Time Album] –  Bluebox

Ambient whizz Baghiri uses very long changeable sweeps and pads to a starry spacious effect, cinematic in its breadth and so very moving. His work gets to my core and is a go to for chill time. Ambient is a large part of my life.

Amir Baghiri - Galileo's Dream

Phillip Wilkerson – Highlands [Full Album] – Free Floating Music

I think everything I’ve heard from Wilkerson is a gem. This album resonates deep, I can almost feel the power and gentility of the album title in the music. Often have this soundtrack on mountain walks and forest time, it’s so fitting. Other times, a Whiskey and a fixed gaze into the naked flame of the open fire. It transports. Just listen to it!

Phillip Wilkerson - Highlands (Full Album)

Miles Atmospheric – Defining Circles EP (Bedrock)

One of the true unsung heroes of UK techno, Miles Sagnia aka Miles Atmospheric is as much a mesmerising presence behind the DJ booth as he is in the studio. Through his richly emotive releases, he weaves seamless stories out of the deepest house to the most spacious techno. He is equally at home going deep on his own Atmospheric Existence label, or sending out uniquely soulful techno missives for labels such as Applied Rhythmic Technology, Firescope or Detroit’s Aesthetic Audio. A Freerotation festival regular, Miles enjoys a dedicated following no matter whether he is delivering sets of muscular late-night techno or feel-good Sunday afternoon house. His ‘Defining Circles’ EP is his debut single release on John Digweed’s Bedrock imprint after featuring exclusive downtempo versions of ‘Andromeda’ and ‘Orbis Alius’ on the recent ‘Quattro’ album release mixed and compiled by John Digweed. Miles’s release follows other recent releases from Hannes Bieger, BOg, Madben and the label boss himself. ‘Andromeda’ kicks the EP off with hypnotic atmospheres that lay focus on resonating kicks, revolving melodies and trance-inducing modulations that fluctuate throughout before ‘Orbis Alius’ offers up effervescent, progressive grooves that fuse delicately with the mesmeric soundscapes and angelic leads underneath. ‘Sensor’ rounds off the pack with hard-hitting techno featuring sweeping modulations and euphoric undertones radiating an enlightening environment that are a constant feature through Miles’ sets and productions.

Out Now… Miles Atmospheric – Defining Circles EP (Bedrock) Cat. No.: BEDDIGI1163 Format: Vinyl & Digital