Back To Mine with N – Gynn

Bruce Springstein – I’m on fire 

I’ve always admired Bruce Springsteen musically, I’ve never seen him live however I hear that the guy still at his age gives an amazing performance with four/five hour long gigs, an all around performer and icon.This track is great for sunrise or for chilling at home ,bought the EP some twenty years ago.

Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire (Official Video)

Powerman – Loving Was Easy

Burnt a whole in my pocket this record, and wasn’t easy to get hold of so I feel privileged to be the owner of this gem. This is my favourite track on the EP everything about it blows me away , Arthur Russel was also involved in the production. 

Powerman - Loving Was Easy

Vera – Take Me To The Bridge 

One of my all time favourite disco numbers, You can’t go wrong with this record.

Vera - Take Me To The Bridge (1980)

Raze – Break For Love

An all time classic , the vocals are sublime really brings back memories this one ..! RIP Vaughan Mason.

Raze - Break 4 Love (89)

Geri Baird – Back Street Of The Desert 

Another expensive record and it’s hard to to find ! This is the only track that stands out for me on the album…it’s the only reason I bought it which seems quite mad as it was so much money for the one tune. However I was so keen to have it in my collection I had to do it. Reminds me of Fleetwood Mac, it is so magical. I’ll never part from this record.

Geri Baird - Backside Of The Desert

Rhianna – Word Love (Jays Extended Mix)

A beautiful track , the best mix for me out of the four on the EP. At first I thought it was by the pop star Rhianna then realised its a different artist.

Rhianna Word Love [Jay's Extended Mix]

Don Carlos – Alone (paradise version)

This one reminds me of so much of Ibiza even though it’s an old Italo house record, it just has that Balearic vibe, amazing pads and bass line.

Don Carlos (Alone Paradise) 1991

Brs – Lovin ‘Me. ( ubtribe Sound System Remix)

Another Balearic gem, heard first on a Groove Armada late night tales compilation…

BRS - Lovin' Me (Dubtribe Sound System Remix)

Freeze – Southern Freeze

This track makes me happy, it’s got something about it . Great female vocal and uplifting track.

Freeez - Southern Freeze

Grace Jones – Me ! Discount From You 

One of my favourite Grace Jones tracks, I’ve always loved her sound I mean what’s not to love about her ..! This one has a kind of dub/ raggae feel to it…

Grace Jones - Me! I Disconnect From You

Founding Fathers VA (Superlux)

Superlux 002 is a brand new VA EP which includes tracks from label owners Mike Gill and Nick Gynn, as well as some of the emerging Superlux family; Thoma Bulwer and OMCSY. Taking a slightly different direction from SPLX001, this EP is a classic house record; featuring four original four-to-the-floor tracks.

“Superlux is all about pushing quality art, without taking ourselves too seriously. Our key defining factor is our chew-the-fat mentality and how we strive to throw out the rulebook, mash genres, and produce seminal tracks that you will pick up again and again.

Throughout the years, dance music has headed away from its origins into a new direction where most hits are forgotten within weeks and the standard for anthemic club tracks has taken a nosedive. Superlux Records are about restoring the order and curating a culture of music based on quality and longevity. Instead of vying for the obvious artists, we dig deeper to discover the true talent we believe fit our philosophy and will stand the test of time with us. We’re all about finding the freshest work to go alongside our own tasty productions without skimping on quality. Mike Gill

The tripped-out artwork by Charlie McFarley depicts the Chicago taxi that Mike Gill was in when he recorded the driver talking about his love of Jazz and Hip Hop for the opening track K. Robertson (Founding Fathers) which is named after the driver. Up next is N-Gynn’s track 1998 which is an epic, psychedelic, transcendental house cut. Thoma Bulwer who also mixed and mastered the EP, delivers his powerful and chunky groover Tuel for the B-Side to go with OMCSY’s Moody Matt, which closes off the EP with his laid back spin on a classic vocal house record.

Founding Fathers VA (Superlux)
Catalog Number SPLX002
Release Date
June 8th, 2020

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