Back To Mine with Omer Bar & Omri Guetta

Picking out only 10 albums is a very challenging task, so 5 each was nearly impossible as there are so many wonderful and substantial music creations out there, even stopping at 100 feels not enough…
we’re very pleased with our selection as we feel they represent a lot of who we are as artists and musicians, and hope you’ll enjoy reading about them as much as we enjoy listening to them over and over.



Trentemoller – The Last Resort

The debut album that influenced me the most back in the day, and still to this very day.

Trentemøller-take me into your skin


David Bowie – Ziggy Stardust

Well, earthly words can’t describe the man from outer space.


Massive Attack – Mezzanine

The finest creation of the finest electronic group out there. a true masterpiece

Massive Attack-Angel (Mezzanine album)


Radiohead – OK Computer

When the whole world expected an album compiled by hit after hit after hit, Radiohead decided to re-invent rock music and proved they are a band for the ages.


Meir Ariel –  Rishumey Pecham (Coal Sketches)

My parents gave me this one. Meir is our bob Dylan, the greatest Israeli poet ever lived.




The Prodigy – The Fat Of The Land

This album fuses perfectly 2 of my favourites 90’s sounds – dirty rock’n’roll and rough electronica
you can still hear this album impact on today sound as it still feels fresh and relevant.


Daft Punk – Homework

Probably one of the most eclectic and influential debut albums out there. this one really took the electronic music scene to the next level. combining samples, groove, electronica and tons of soul.. the look and feel of these guys are out of space. seeing them live in the late 90s is still a very vivid memory for me.


Guns N’ Roses – Use Your Illusion 1+2

After 2 albums that I listen to on repeat, this double LP was right on the money for me this authentic expression of feelings – from exploding rage to heartbreaking ballads, and with covers who toped the original – put this piece of music at the top of my youth soundtrack. The massive influence this album had on me made me tattoo the album cover on my arm – probably my favourite tattoo to this day.

Right Next Door To Hell


Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

I’m so happy the 50 year anniversary brought this one back to the front the anti-war theme in this album is something almost everybody in the world can relate to delivered with tight grooves and loads of soul – this one is always on my heavy rotation.

Right Next Door To Hell


Fugees – The Score

This jam also aged perfectly. Combining soul, groove, R’n’B and so much more, you can still hear how influential this album was for the nu-school hiphop artists. Everything this album is spot on – from lyrics to performance.
as an artist who produce his own music, the fact the Fugees produced this album by themselves in very inspirational. a true masterpiece.


Omer Bar & Omri Guetta – Sara EP (Stripped Down STRD021)

Omri Guetta is one of the most sought-after DJs in Tel Aviv. A core part of the underground scene, he runs Frau Blau with label partner Kadosh and has released on other imprints including The Gardens of Babyon and Mau House with major label plans in the pipeline. As a DJ he plays all over the world and has an intoxicating take on melody. Meanwhile, Omer Bar has been released on the Frau Blau label and is a master of crystal clear basslines and mesmeric breakdowns. From the Tel Aviv underground to the world stage, he is another of Israel’s finest talents. Together they make real magic in the studio.
Atmospheric house opener ‘Sara’ sees the duo working alongside a third producer, Liad Douk. The track is full of twisted synths and menacing bass with militant kicks locking you into a rugged groove while icy hi-hats and snapping hits bring extra tension.
Remixer Johannes Albert is the man behind the Frank Music label, a celebrated residency at Berlin club Renate and someone with an international reputation. His unique take on ‘Sara’ is stripped back to a rubbery kick and bass combo. A muted synth sequence rises up and down the scale while chattery percussion adds vital texture.
There’s a haunting feeling to closer ‘Omrim’ thanks to the mysterious synth lines and freaky vocal stabs. It’s a snaking rhythm that seduces as it goes, with plenty of innovative sound designs and a filthy great riff lighting up the whole track.


Out 22-10-2021 Omer Bar & Omri Guetta – Sara EP (Stripped Down STRD021)