1. Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train

Always a fan of the their modular and dreamy synthesis, the sequences they build takes you on a real trip. Love on a real train has always been in my favorite list, wether is for meditation, inspiration or motivation! It s a fantastic tune to start your day full of energy! 

Love On A Real Train

2. Terence – Stay Around 95’ – Cajmere’s Old Chicago Mix

When thinking of epic house music, this one comes to my mind. You dont even need a kick drum to feel the magic of that hypnotic pad. A record that will stay in my bag forever.

Terence FM — Stay Around (Cajmere's Old Chicago Mix)

3. Marco Bailey – Bollocks (Gabriel Ananda remix)

Talking about Techno…driving grooves and minimal uplifting melodies makes me remember when I started playing records with my friends in Ibiza in a basement. This is actually the hardest I got,,,I m not a big fan of hard music…

Marco Bailey – Bollocks (Gabriel Ananda Remix) [MB elektronics]

4. Moby – Novio

Moby is my biggest inspiration in music. The way he writes and how he uses atmospheres definitely has made me fall completely in love with him. On this soundtrack we can hear those piano notes ( very Moby style) accompanied by an epic choir that makes this so special and unique. 

5. Desire – Under Your Spell

I got to know this fabulous tune through the film “Drive”, one of my favorite films! and the soundtrack of this movie is insane. I listen to this song every time I wake up in the morning and I have a close look through the window to my beautiful city Barcelona.

6. M83 – Outro

What can I say of this? It speaks by itself… probably the most epic melancholic tune I ve ever heard. Fan of M83 since years, still a lot of music to be heard by them!

7. Nils Frahm – Ode 

Rainy days are for sad and melancholic music, or at least for me. I can get into places of my subconscious to find something I couldnt see before, and maybe reach somewhere very interesting from there.Nils Frahm is great to get inspired and write new ideas.

8. Pional – A New Dawn

Simple but very effective, super nice track!

Pional – A New Dawn

9. Squire – Inimagina

Another sad song, even though Im a very happy man I d like to make sad music sometimes and this is the result of a very cold an lonely day during last winter. But super proud of the final result 🙂

Squire – Inimagina [ADID048]

10. Squire – Common Sense

I would say is difficult when to play this track if to start or to end but has been always working for me. Very happy to have released it on the greatest Mobilee Records this year! 

Squire – Common Sense – mobilee218

Squire – Find Me On Fire (incl. Jonas Rathsman / Raw District Rmxs) (trueColours)

Currently enjoying the strong wave of support for his excellent ‘Common Sense’ EP on Mobilee, Spanish artist Squire makes a swift return to action with ‘Find Me On Fire’, his debut release with trueColours. It’s a busy time for Squire. Not only is he releasing some of the most beautifully crafted tracks of the summer, he’s also heading up the team behind one of the newest parties on the party island of Ibiza, ‘People From Ibiza.’ He’s most definitely on fire. Having followed Squire’s work for some time, the trueColours team are incredibly proud to welcome him to the label with an outstanding five track selection. All displaying his talent for matching groove and emotion. The five original joints have backed a brace of impressive remixes from Jonas Rathsman and Raw District, who both give their own unique take on the title track.