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Charanjit Singh – 10 Ragas to a Discobeat

Tritha : This is a record I love to hear and play to my friends/students/collaborators. Perhaps the whole album always if possible. As its an amazing timeless sound and a great synthesis of 10 Indian raagas to a discobeat. A genius called Charanjit Singh who made this in the 80s. Got discovered as early as a few years ago by some of my friend producers from India and Spain and who took him on a world tour including Magnetic fields festival in India. He was declared the father of Acid house. He could be inspiring to many young producers especially WWW.

William Onyeabor – Fantastic Man

Manuel (WWW) : A classic, probably one of the first person to work with synths in Africa.

William Onyeabor – Fantastic Man (Official Animated Audio)

MIA –  Pull up the People

Tritha : I like it coz its very urban, feminine, non-nonsense vibe. MIA is an artist with great energy and original creativity. Hailing from south India, she had put herself on the global music map quite well.

M.I.A. - Pull Up The People

Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou – Tenere

Manuel (WWW) : Good Tuareg vibes, with a crunchy cheesy drum machine, I love it !

Abdallah Ag Oumbadougou "Tenere" (from the album Anou Malane)

Chaiyya chaiyya  – A R Rahman from the movie Dil se

Tritha : One of my favourite composers from all time. Hailing from India, who won the Oscars, AR Rahman was one of the 1st pioneers to mix western contemporary genres along with indian soulful melodies with classical and folk influence beautifully as a soundtrack for movies.

Chaiyya Chaiyya Full Video Song | Dil Se | Shahrukh Khan, Malaika Arora Khan | Sukhwinder Singh

Meridian Brothers – Guaracha U.F.O (No estamos solos…)

Manuel (WWW) : I love the organ and the repetitive structure of the track, a good track to dance to !

Meridian Brothers - Guaracha U.F.O (No estamos solos...)

Mama y quiero

Tritha : This is an old track but full of joy. I have played it in my DJ sets which makes people happy on the dance floor listening to something different. The song is vintage with an amazing female singer Carmen Miranda and a nice choir of young men. Seems like a happy bar concert in south america somewhere. 

• CARMEN MIRANDA • 1940 • Mama eu quero.avi

Love the Tom & Jerry adaptation also

Tom and Jerry - Mama Yo Quiero | Baby Puss | The Ikaist

Alisha Chinai & Vijay Benedict –  Zindagi Meri Dance

Manuel (WWW) : It’s always good to add a little touch of groovy Bollywood to a playlist 😉

Zindagi Meri Dance - Alisha Chinai & Vijay Benedict

World Wild Web & Tritha – Prophet (HIFI/LOFI Records)

Tritha : Apart from being a track that I sang on this beautifully produced track of my friend Manuel from Berlin, I feel this track has been able to capture the essence of Sufi spiralling upward spirit as I sing the vocals as an ode to the original prophet – The Allah. Manuel had also produced the track on the analog synthesizer Prophet which is an amazing co-incidence. A song I will definitely share with my friends. 

World Wild Web & Tritha - Prophet

S.O.A.P feat. Taiwan MC & Tritha –  Balma (Chinese Man Records)

Tritha : This song was a beautiful collaboration with my friend producer S.O.A.P (Son of a Pitch) from Paris. It was a song which got liked by the famous hip-hop producers Chinese Man and they decided to release it on their label Chinese Man records 10th anniversary album. Was a big moment for me as I was the first Indian artist they were collaborating with. Its a great song based on dancehall reggae genre that I got exposed to for the 1st time thanx to the collaboration. Would love to share it with my friends in my house party to dance to. 

S.O.A.P (Son Of A Pitch) Feat. Taiwan MC, Tritha - Balma

World Wild Web & Tritha – Prophet In The Peacock Garden EP (incl. The Juan Maclean and Franz Matthews Remixes)

French producer World Wild Web joins forces with Indian vocalist Tritha Sinha for a psychedelic trip into the garden of electronic bliss on HIFI/LOFI Records, backed by two remixes from long-time DFA collaborator The Juan MacLean, and label boss Franz Matthews. World Wild Web was founded in late 2018 after years of playing various instruments and leading the psychedelic band Blondi’s Salvation, the need for fresh inspiration and more artistic freedom pushed him to explore electronic music and its flexibility. His recent studies of Indian music opened up new paths for his musical creations which he is now exploring with Goa based artist Tritha who first met in 2014 at a traveling caravan festival in the South of France while touring with their respective bands. Tritha has 25 years of Indian classical music experience under her belt and is also part of the Indo-French psychedelic rock band Tritha Electric, and the Indian woman collective SPACE in addition to running sound healing workshops that conducted in India and throughout the world. In the summer of 2019, they came up with a mesmerizing set of tracks, uniting their two very different cultures into an enlightening sonic adventure which drop on HIFI/LOFI Records this July. ‘Prophet’ showcases World Wild Web’s colourful production style featuring an organic conglomerate of distinct global influences from experimental dance music, 70s psych, African electronic, Indian music and Acid House. Tritha’s mystical vocals entice you throughout above the broken, natural percussion and oscillating sonics.The track is inspired by Sufism, a spiritual branch of Islam highlighting the need of seeing spirituality as an evolution and engagement with the inner spirt of every soul. In ‘Peacock Garden’ Tritha engages in vocals inspired by the 12th century Dhrupad rare vocal techniques – an exploration of the inner voice to outside voice through deep focus and devotion with the track offering up a low slung, laid back cut with transcendental atmospheres achieved through the uplifting Indian instrumentals. HIFI/LOFI Records welcome a legend of the DFA Records family to the label, in the name of The Juan MacLean with a trippy remix full of punchy arpeggiated stamina, revolving synth flutters and cosmic waves. Last but not least, label boss Franz Matthews finishes the story by grounding us back to Earth level, with a darker version of ‘Peacock Garden’ that will satisfy every amateur of World-infused downtempo disco.

Out Now… World Wild Web & Tritha – Prophet In The Peacock Garden EP (incl. The Juan Maclean and Franz Matthews Remixes) Label: HIFI/LOFI Records Cat. No.: HIFILOFI06 Format: Digital