Céline & The Blue

Debuting live at Ronnie Scott’s , gaining support from Complex and hailed as ‘Ones To Watch’ by Music Republic Magazine, Céline & The Blue explode into our world this week with the release of their debit EP ‘Within & Without’. The tracks epitomize the spark that kindled upon first connection between the members of the band combining jazz elements with the band’s signature soundscape at the crossroads of soul, funk and pop. An outfit just perfect for a DMCWORLD Back To Mine adventure…


‘Accendi una luna nel cielo’ by Ornella Vanoni, Toquinho, Vinícius de Moraes

Céline – This past year I have blessed my ears with so much music from Italian icon Ornella Vanoni. The album this track comes from is a greatly influential record for the Bosa Nova genre, which I love with a passion. This track is one of the mellow tunes from the album, it’s breathtakingly romantic, refined and classy; a dulcet starry night. When I play it, I feel like mother nature is singing to me, it’s a celestial experience.

Accendi una luna nel cielo

‘The Seed’ by AURORA

Céline – I find I’ve been connecting with music which sounds like nature a lot lately. If winter had a voice, it would be AURORA’s. More specifically, this song sounds like Narnia. It’s enchanted, dramatic and supreme, it stimulates imagination like no other song does for me. With its glorious chants, this piece makes me feel majestic and powerful. ‘The Seed’ is a true anthem to remind you what you’re made of.

‘Maggot Brain (Alternative Mix)’ by Funkadelic

Myles – Long car journeys in the car with my Dad opened me up to a lot of music, but Funkadelic was a band that especially stood out. Late nights driving across the Surrey and South Downs listening to this track was a beautiful combination, the dark hilly roads lit up only by headlights with Eddie Hazel’s vocal like guitar solo. Honestly at times it sounds like he’s singing through his guitar pickups, accompanying all of the 9:35s song. This track is spiritual and, with your eyes closed, will take you to another world. Listen at your own risk.

Funkadelic - Maggot Brain Alternative Mix, Bonus Track from Maggot Brain album (HQ)


‘Music Sounds Better With You’ by Stardust

Myles – Growing up, my mother played this constantly as it reminded her of when she was expecting me. It was the first time I listened to music that really hit me in the chest and gave me goosebumps. Sampling ‘Fate’ by Chaka Khan, with the addition of heavily modulated synths and hard hitting drum machines! This is a track that no matter when or where it plays, a nostalgic feeling washes over and takes me back to summer afternoons when my mum would blast it in the living room. 90’s French House at its finest. Headphones Recommended.

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Official Music Video)

‘Heartbreak Warfare’ by John Mayer

Jay – My dad used to pick me up every other weekend to spend time together, and in his car he had a CD of John Mayer’s album ‘Battle Studies’. He’d turn up the volume at specific parts of the song and make me listen. He’d then say something like: “You hear that guitar in the background? Sounds like an engine revving up! It’s fantastic!” He, without knowing, trained my ears for detail from a young age. This track has such a beautiful atmosphere and if you haven’t heard it yet, I recommend good speakers and a comfy seat to get the goosebumps going!

John Mayer - Heartbreak Warfare (Video)

‘Chan Chan’ by Buena Vista Social Club

Jay – The album this track appears on brings me back to going on holiday with my family, driving from The Netherlands to France and Spain. I’ve always loved music from latin culture, and have always felt very inspired by it. That, in combination with the nostalgic value, makes this a special track. Also, I’ll be in my room and look outside to find grey English clouds. I like to sit back, blast this through my speakers and pretend I’m somewhere warm. It’s the perfect cure to beat the winter blues if you ever find yourself struggling!

Buena Vista Social Club - Chan Chan (Official Audio)

‘Beautiful Mess’ by Jason Mraz

Enea – During my teenage years I picked up the habit of listening to an artist’s catalogue until I exhausted all songs written by said artist. Jason Mraz is one of them and while listening to the album “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things.” I stumbled across this ballad. This song is one of the most majestic and breathtaking pieces of music I’ve heard. Not only in the wholesome lyrics, but also in the arrangement and the harmony that feels like the epithesis of all emotions one can feel for a person. If you enjoy unapologetically romantic tunes, this is the song for you.

‘Love Theory’ by Kirk Franklin

Enea – This song reminds me of when I sang in a gospel choir, an experience which changed my whole perspective on music writing, arranging and performing. The tune is beautifully crafted, with memorable section after memorable section it shines with energy (especially in the live NPR version). Go check it out.

Kirk Franklin - Love Theory (Official Music Video)

‘The Whole of The Moon’ by The Waterboys

Elliot – This song has always been what I’ve considered to be my ‘lucky song’. For the last ten years or so, it has always popped up just before a big event in my life such as Drum grading exams, GCSE exams, my driving test and my university audition. It has now gotten to the point where I intentionally listen to it to clear my head before any major event!

The Waterboys - The Whole of the Moon (Official Music Video)

‘Out of The Sinking’ by Paul Weller

Elliot – My dad has always been a massive Paul Weller fan. Inevitably he was pretty much the soundtrack to my childhood. Listening to anything from this era of Weller’s music gives me massive nostalgia for being 10 years old again. Whilst I never appreciated the music itself at that age, I have grown to kind of love his music myself and now frequently listen to his ‘Stanley Road’ album.

Paul Weller - Out Of The Sinking (Official Video)

Céline & The Blue’s debut EP ‘Within & Without’ is out now…


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