With his new single ‘Don’t You Want My Love’ smashing the dance floor at Glitterbox and beyond this summer, we asked the legend David Morales to share with us his favourite Disco tracks…


1. Ten Percent – Double Exposure

This was my first if not one of the first 12″ records released on Salsoul Records. I remember buying this record when I was 13 years old  and playing it at home about 100 times in one day with the speaker out the window. I first heard this record at a block party when I first actually saw a DJ playing with 2 decks and a mixer.

"Ten Percent" Original Walter Gibbons 12" Mix Double Exposure © 2011 Salsoul Records


2. Doctor Love – First Choice

This was also one of my first 12″ records that I bought when I was 14 years old. I heard the DJ play this about 3 times at my junior high school prom. It was soon to become an instant hit record.

First Choice – Greatest hits – Doctor Love


3. Donna Summer – Love Trilogy Album

This was my first and favorite album of Donna Summer. I loved here voice from the moment that I heard her sing. The album was EPIC. The songs were seamlessly arranged into each other like one long journey. A true classic.

Donna Summer – A Love Trilogy [1976] (Full Album)


4. Don’t You Want My Love – Debbie Jacobs

The 70’s was all about DISCO and dancing the hustle and DON”T YOU WANT MY LOVE was definitely a disco classic. Funny how it’s been a long time since I had played this record out and when I decided to do a rework of it by adding some drums and a bit of reediting I started to play it out and getting a good response. Then after playing it at Glitterbox at MOS I decided to rerecord it with Nicki Richards.

Debbie Jacobs – Don't You Want My Love? (MCA Records 1979)


5. Don’t Leave Me This Way – Thelma Houston

This is probably Thelma Houston’s biggest record. This record had a huge impact on both straight and gay crowds. I love how this songs starts and then builds into a whole other record. A must have disco classic.

THELMA HOUSTON Don't Leave Me This Way Original Album Version


6. Disco Circus – Martin Circus

This record has also been sampled many times. Another record that was all about the break. Although the best is to play this record from the beginning because like most of the disco records they all told a story.

Martin Circus – Disco Circus (Prelude Records) Extended Version 1977, 1984


7. Love Is The Message – MFSB

This is another everlasting classic. MFSB stands for Mother Father Sister Brother. This record inspired so many DJ’s and rappers. It was all about the break. Most DJ’s would skip the first half of the song. In the old days DJ’s would just spin the break back and forth. The song itself is a work of art.

Mfsb Love Is The Message


8. Love In C Minor – Cerrone

This was Cerrone’s first Record. I bought this around the same time as Donna Summer’s Love Trilogy. Cerrone was one of the disco originators as well. A brilliant arranger. He produced and arranged orchestral masterpieces. No real songs but he would use vocals in such a way. He told stories through his productions.

Cerrone – Love In C Minor


9. Super Nature – Cerrone

Another gem. Super Nature was a whole other evolvement of Cerrone’s sound. Even the cover of the album was mental. Cerrone along with Giorgio Moroder was a genius. His songs also seemlessly were arranged into each other son that the music never stopped.

Cerrone – Supernature


10. I Feel Love – Donna Summer

What can I say about this record. This is THE ALL TIME DISCO CLASSIC that’s still being played at the clubs today. It’s still one of my biggest records whenever I play it out. When I first heard this record it was something fresh and new. It was pure mental. That pulsating arpeggiator was insane. Giorgio Moroder was in a class by himself. He was the master of disco and he and Donna Summer created pure magic together.

Donna Summer I Feel Love Original 8 minute 12" version 1977


David Morales Pres. The Face Feat. Nicki Richards ‘Don’t You Want My Love’ is out now on Def Mix.