1. Deadmau5 – Strobe
“Just got the new album and I was surprised how minimal a lot of the tracks are (which is great!). This is an epic though. Expertly crafted start to finish. Pure electro bliss!”

2. Stephan Bodzin vs Marc Romboy – Phobos
“Proves how uplifting minimal techno can be. This is ace! Just builds and builds until it explodes! Gives me shivers every time.”

3. Super Flu – Brink
“Another awesome minimal track. I love Super Flu, everything they do is always interesting. This is just a great track to turn up LOUD!!”

4. Plaid – New Family
“I’m a massive fan of Plaid. I went to see them when they were touring the album this is taken from (‘Double Figure’). It was amazing. This track is genius – I never get tired of listening to it.”

5. Pytlik – Atmachb
“A great blissed-out track to zone out too. It’s gorgeous. So simple but it does the job for me!!”

6. Rival Consoles – Electorate
“I just got into this guy. The album’s great (‘IO’) and this is my favourite track. It turns from electronica into a real kinda disco groove. Superb.”

7. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
“One of the best tracks ever written and recorded. Never get tired of it. I always find myself going back to it constantly. A work of genius.”

8. 50 Cent – Get Up
“G -UNIT!! This is great. It makes you feel like you wanna fight someone though, so take caution while listening!!”

9. Mental Overdrive – The Rage
“If you don’t know this track CHECK IT OUT!! It’s a disco, electro, nuts masterpiece of craziness!! A 70’s disco feel but the end part is ACE. You have to hear it!!”

10. Bob Dylan – Not Dark Yet
“One of my favourite songs by Dylan. It’s so sad lyrically – he’s completely baring his soul. A great one to end the night with.”