10 years of Déepalma

German electronic imprint Déepalma celebrates its tenth anniversary in 2023. Since its inception in 2013, the Ibiza- inspired label has become a worldwide brand, a melting pot of House, Deep House and Soul, fuelled by the power to unite hedonists around the globe. Over the past ten years, Déepalma has released over 200 singles and 30 compilation albums across its main imprint Déepalma Records and sister label, Déepalma Soul. Each year, label boss Yves Murasca and his longstanding creative peer Rosario Galati put together a trio of carefully handpicked and intricately mixed selections to make up the revered ‘Déepalma Ibiza’ compilation, which spreads itself across three immersive continuous mixes that mimic significant scenarios from the Balearic hotspot.

This year’s Ibiza compilation features seven previously unheard tracks, alongside some of the label’s most popular releases over the last year and a carefully handpicked selection of wonderful external tracks. You can buy/stream it here: http://dplm.lnk.to/Ibiza2023. We caught up with Déepalma frontman Yves Murasca for a deep-dive interview, exploring the label’s illustrious Ibiza compilations and much more:

Déepalma Ibiza 2023 - 10th Anniversary


Congratulations on the release of the latest Déepalma Ibiza compilation. Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the selection of tracks for this release?

Thank you! The inspiration behind the track selection for all our compilations comes from my strong connection with the island. Ibiza has always been a source of inspiration for me, and I wanted to capture the unique vibes and energy of the island when I started to release the first Déepalma singles and compilations. This remained the same. Each track is carefully considered, and we don’t have any filler tracks. We consider both the musical content and its sound quality and how it fits into the overall flow. The tracks come from demos submitted by artists we have previously released with, but also from completely new artists. If a track comes in at the right time and fits well, it doesn’t necessarily have to be from a well-known artist.

Additionally, we always try to have some big names on board. This year guys like Carl Cox, Maya Jane Coles, and Solomun, amongst others. We select these tracks from the market and license them through other labels. Ultimately, it’s usually a 50/50 mix of established and emerging artists.

Déepalma Records has a strong connection with Ibiza. How has the island influenced the label’s sound and ethos?

Ibiza has significantly influenced the sound and ethos of Déepalma Records. The island is known for its lively and diverse electronic music scene, and we have drawn inspiration from the parties, the people, and the overall atmosphere of Ibiza. I first visited the island in 1999 and spent several summer seasons there. Since then, I have returned to Ibiza at least once every year. I’ve been lucky enough to play some gigs there, including Bora Bora, and I still have many friends on the island. Ibiza is like an addiction to me. I simply have to keep coming back. When I hear certain tracks today that I first heard in Ibiza, the feeling immediately returns, and vivid images come to mind. For example, I remember visiting Pacha and hearing Roger Sanchez play one of my today’s favourite classics: Sydenham & Ferrer – Sandcastles (Mark Knight & Martijn Ten Velden Remix). The atmosphere was electrifying, and I had to find out what track it was immediately. I associate many songs in my head with specific club moments on the island. The idea for the Déepalma brand and the sound we stand for originated on the island. The Déepalma sound encompasses everything I have experienced in Ibiza – the vibes, the parties, and the people.

This year marks the label’s tenth anniversary. How does it feel to reach such a milestone, and what are some of the highlights of the label’s journey so far?

First, we are very proud of what we have accomplished and grateful for the support we have received from our fans and the industry. Reaching our tenth anniversary is a significant milestone for Déepalma Records, and it feels incredible to look back on our journey so far. There have been many memorable moments for me. But one thing that made me very happy was when Mannheim-based deep house producer Gorge told me during our conversations that he would provide us with an unreleased single for release. I consider Gorge’s sound groundbreaking in the scene and have been a big fan of his productions for years. He had already delivered some high-profile remixes for Déepalma in previous years. But an original track has a completely different significance. It is, in a way, a testament to the trust he has in our work. And he lived up to it. In early May, his track “Sleepless” was released on Déepalma and received an incredible response. It has propelled the label forward significantly. You can also find it on our 10-year compilation, “Déepalma Ibiza 2023.”

What have been some of the biggest challenges the label has faced over the last ten years, and how has the team overcome them?

Over the past ten years, we have faced significant challenges due to the rise of streaming, the decline in download sales, and the diminishing compilation business with our partners. It has become increasingly difficult to generate income. In the past, you knew that when you released a track, it would feature on various compilations from your partners, and you would sell a certain number of downloads. However, that’s not the case anymore. Many companies no longer produce physical releases because it’s no longer profitable for them. Download sales in the singles market have also been declining. As a result, the primary source of income now comes from streaming, and it’s like a mystery box. The market is flooded with good music, and getting the attention of playlist curators and receiving their support is highly challenging. Only a fraction of the music released ends up on curated playlists, and these playlists often enable a high number of plays in a short period. To address this challenge, we have been focused on cultivating our playlists, such as ‘Déepalma Ibiza’, ‘Berlin Afterhours’ or ‘Ibiza Sunset Moods’. However, amassing a substantial number of subscribers and retaining them remains an ongoing challenge.

Déepalma Records has been at the forefront of electronic dance music for the last decade. How has the landscape changed over this time, and where do you see it going in the future?

The electronic dance music scene has undergone significant changes in the last ten years. Streaming platforms and social media have completely transformed how people listen to and discover music. This has brought both advantages and challenges to artists and labels. On the one hand, it allows direct interaction with fans, but on the other hand, it has intensified competition in a crowded market. Looking forward, we will see even more integration of technology and music, with virtual reality playing a more significant role. The focus will continue to be on creating unique experiences and building a strong sense of community within the electronic music community.

Déepalma Soul is a sub-label of Déepalma Records. How does it differ in terms of sound and vision, and what inspired its creation?

While Déepalma Records focuses on deep and melodic house music, Déepalma Soul is there for the soulful stuff. Before founding Déepalma, I had several other labels. In 2012, my former label partner and I amicably dissolved our partnership because we had different visions for the future direction. We divided our catalogue between us. I released the deeper part of the old catalogue under Déepalma Records, including new versions, and later on, I created Déepalma Soul as a sub-label specifically for the more soulful house tracks.


Déepalma Ibiza 2023 is available to buy/stream via Déepalma Records: http://dplm.lnk.to/Ibiza2023