Amadei is an essential new online platform that aims to connects artists, producers, vocalists and music industry services in quick and efficient ways. Launching in June 2019, the game changing website is set to revolutionise the digital music space and become a go-to resource for creatives around the world. The music industry has changed immeasurably in recent years, with streaming, digital distribution and sharing platforms all emerging but nothing linking them all together. As more people than ever before can also make their own music, there has never been a bigger need for professional services to help get that music to market. Here we speak with owner Bronislav on this amazing project…

Please introduce yourself and give us some background. 

I am an entrepreneur with 15 years experience in starting business from zero point and doing activity in CIS countries, the Asian market, Europe and Turkey in the fields of production, construction and trade. I graduated from SSE, like Alexander Bard (the founder of leader of Army of Lovers) who also graduated and lectured at SSE and who, as you know, successfully implemented his knowledge in social science in music production thus made Army of Lovers be at the top charts for many years. I decided to implement my experience of successful business models and development in social things in music industry. Thus, the core idea occurred, and I created the product with which the artist can earn money just concentrating on his talent, forget about producer searches, castings at labels etc and so he can easily find partners from around the world to produce new sounds, beats and set the trends in music.  

Who is behind Amadei, how did they come together and what are their skills?

So, with this idea I began to form the term and met with Alexey Komov. Alexey (artist name Zeskullz), besides his 20-year professional experience in music, had shared the main idea, that the music industry needs such a product that could give the opportunity of gaining passive income for the musicians. I also will upgrade and develop musician’s skills. The aim is to create a place, where musicians can communicate with each other, collaborate, support and mutually develop. Such mutual strategic vision has joint our common efforts to develop the unique product called Amadei.

What was the initial idea for Amadei? What inspired it? Was it personal experience?

The main thing which greatly inspires all our team is to present a product, which currently has NO analog in the market. We actually use different successful models and approaches from other industries and implement them in Music industry. For example…

  1. We’ve made it possible to register Copyright just in two clicks on-line. First time ever.
  2. We make the royalty split process automatic at our platform. First time ever.
  3. We combine all vital services for musicians in one place. Thus, we have made a first supermarket for musicians.
  4. We used Uber-like technology used for finding taxi drivers and implemented such algorithms in partner searches at our platform. Also a first time ever.

How did you first go about getting it off the ground, what were the first steps?

Having formed the idea, designed the services were agreed with strategic partnerships with labels, distributors, top music consultants we stared our software development. And due to harmonized work flow it took us 16 months to complete.

Who is it for, what does it do, who should use it?

Composers, Lyricists, Vocalists, Producers, Managers, Investors, Movie makers, Game producers, bloggers, music instruments and software producers, all can collaborate on our platform.

Tell us about the subscription, what you get for that?

Subscription gives you the extended tools and use of the platform. It provides exclusive prices for on-line mastering, distribution, access to studying video courses for sound making, unlimited access to storage memory and many other features.

Tell us about the financials, the royalties and so on and how it makes it easier for artists to make money. 

We have refused our commission from royalties since the very beginning. We would like to be helpful for the artists and let him earn his royalties 100%. We think it is fair that the artist gets his remuneration from his talent and work without commission coming out of it.

What are the key features that make you unique and make this a vital resource?

Just imagine when some young musician from Tipuani (small village in Bolovia, where a majority of people are surviving by doing gold extraction works all of their life) can collaborate with a poet from Birmingham and find the vocalist in Istanbul, thus producing a ready-made song. Register their copyright for this song and make the royalty-split according to their mutual agreement and agree to distribute their track in the Asian market. And moreover to get royalties from such rotations automatically on their card accounts. The only thing they would need is to speak the same language – which is the language of Music. The rest they can do with the tools of our platform. And all these things mentioned make our platform unique and a Social Elevator to all young people who decided to dedicate their life to Music.

What else do you hope to add or develop in the future?

Surely even more features will come shortly. Among which are Legal support to our subscribers. Which meant we will provide the packages with developed contacts for different usage, such as packs for Live Work, Producer’s pack, Band pack and independent artist pack. We also will launch tenders at our platform, where subscribers can make advertisements for their need and receive feedback from interested people. In such ways subscribers can choose the best version of text for its composition or the best vocal for its song. The Movie producer can easily find its composer for future soundtrack, or game producer can find suitable melody for its video game. The final point is to make the strong Musician community, where each member can support, develop and take all benefits for each other from such membership.