Angelo Flow

Rising UK latin x talent Angelo Flow’s star continues to rise with plays of his current single, the reggaeton dancehall banger “Hot Steppa’, clocking upwards of 700k views. Angelo headlines the Candela Sound System Launch Party this Sunday May 28th at Ministry of Sound alongside Georgia Scott, Guala, J Dogg and A Nahomy alongside over 30 DJs across there house music, Brazilian and reggaeton spectrum. He will also be performing at Latino Life In The Park Festival later this summer…

Angelo Flow x J Spades x Diztortion - Hot Steppa (Official Video)

Hi Angelo, great to catch up and hear it’s been a busy month for you with the release of your single “Hot Steppa” and your recent Live show at the Adidas Vs Candela Records Ldn In Store, and can you tell us what’ they highlights have been and how you’re feeling.

It’s been wild on both counts. Firstly I hadn’t anticipated how great the reaction was going to be to the release of my “Hot Steppa” single with almost 700, 000K plays on Spotify and I’m so grateful to all the people that have supported me since the beginning and this is just the beginning. 

The collaboration with Adidas was something unexpected, and it gave me along with other artists the opportunity to be part of a great pop-up. The fact that the concert at the Adidas London store was a great success, and the icing on the cake was the one-off Candela Records Vs Adidas t-shirts which sold out within 30 minutes of being on sale. Super thankful right now.

Working with Holland’s Diztortion and UK rapper J Spades, how did the song come together?

“Hot Steppa” began as a J spades project to unify the latino community and the UK community, combining English and Spanish together with the hand of Diztortion, a great Dutch producer, who believed in my work and gave me the opportunity to do this track. So far it’s been a resounding success

And where did you first road test “Hot Steppa”… was it last summer’s huge Latino Life

In The Park festival?

The first time we sang “Hot Steppa’  was at London’s largest latino festival “Latino Life In The Park” where

over 30,000 people attended throughout the day. It was amazing to see so many people come together and respond so effectively and positively to the song and it was a really good vibe.

You’re about to headline the Candela Sound System event at Ministry of Sound on Bank Holiday May 28th alongside A Nahomey, Guala, J Dogg and Georgia Scott, and how excited are you to be playing at this legendary club?

I’m very excited to return to the stage with such talented people and to be able play at a club as historic as Ministry of Sound makes it totally magical. I hope to see everyone there as we are going to tear the place up with our Live show.

Part of London’s latinx community currently having such an impact on the music scene, what do you think makes the London latin mix so special and so different?

I am proud of everything that’s been achieved with the Latin scene in London as they’ve been hitting it really hard for so long. I’m standing up for London and I will continue to contribute every grain of sand necessary until we see ourselves at the top of the world. What makes us special is the flavour, the vibe and the essence of each one of the sounds that we bring to the table.

Following on from “Hot Steppa” who would be your dream collab in the future?

A dream collaboration would be to work with Burna Boy or Sean Paul. The collaboration would be something from another planet,  and I’m sure an International hit.

How has your musical style evolved over time, and what experiences or influences have driven you to change or adapt? 3-5 most influential artists or producers?

My music style has progressively evolved to more International sounds since I started listening to rap, salsa, reggaeton and now literally a little bit of everything. Artists that have influenced my career are Arcangel, Randy, Chencho Corleone and Sean Paul amongst others.

Part of the global latin x explosion, and what pressing issues do you think latin artists face as the scene evolves?

I think that mainly what’s difficult is that there isn’t as large a Spanish-speaking public in the UK as there is in other countries. When it evolves to such a level as we are reaching, there will be no option but to spread to countries like Spain or Italy inevitably.

Can you share a particularly powerful musical moment in your life and discuss how it has influenced your music?

I think the first time was at Tito el Bambino’s concert when I was about 8 years old with my Aunt Joisedy. I had never been to a concert before and I remember that I started dancing and imitating the shirtless singer. I remember getting tons of attention when someone pointed me out in the crowd and lots of people began to

watch me dancing. I think in that moment, being the centre of the show, made me understand that I wanted to perform and become an artist.

And before you go can you tell us about your future plans and any new releases?

Many good things are coming, collaborations with UK artists as well as International Latino artists that no one expects, I am really grateful for all these opportunities that I am receiving, thank God. I have concerts this summer, like Latino Life In The Park again, plus festival sets in Ealing and Brixton.

My next song is a mix between drill and salsa and it is a collaboration with Sav 12, an artist from the UK, Rekeson, a Venezuelan rap legend currently in Spain and produced by Flyo and Delakwiz.


Angelo Flow is Live at the Candela Sound System Launch Party on Bank Holiday Sunday May 28th at Ministry of Sound.  Joined by Live artists Guala, J Dogg, Georgia Scott and A Nahomy, there’s 4 rooms of music featuring in The Box: Candela Records with DJs Jose Luis; Brazilian UK’s #1 Baile Funk, DJWilker,  C Fuego, Jeff and Jovy

Room 103: Tropical Explosion with Johnma, Myma, Kevin Rozo, DJ Frank, Jorge Devia and Diego Rocha

Baby Box: House Of Candela with DJ Cano, Ramoss, Marcus Bajjio, Timelvpse and Rabanne 


Angelo Flow’s single “Hot Steppa” with J Spades X Distortion is out now on Candela Records. 

The Candela Records vs Adidas Ldn collab and pop up Part 2 takes place this Thursday May 25th at the flagship store on Oxford Street (opposite Selfridges) for a Pre CSS Warm Up from 6.30pm-8.30pm. 

Beats supplied by DJ Jovy and Ramoss mixing House and reggaeton with Special Live Guest, Guala.

Don’t miss the final re-stock of the popular Candela X Adidas T-shirt plus free refreshments.